Yesterday my wife came home horny and wanting to get fucked by two other guys... Couldn't let that slide. So I helped her out to a orgasm. Didn't help and she only got more horny... What shall I do now? :blobthinkingeyes:

Trying to pick a Bad Dragon for a Christmas gift. Any tips/recommendations?

Trans Day of Remembrance 

@memnus *moment of silence*

And may those of us that remain live our best lives in defiance of hate.

Work’s been -extremely- stressful and overloading but lunch time workouts make it a bit easier to handle.

Selfie, eye contact, wait, how do I do this again? Oh yeah BOOSTS WELCOME AND SHIT 

Oh hello, it's @ToniaThomas and me, LIVE, from !

*waves from Australia.

Hey everyone! Just started listening to the Life on the Swingset podcast as part of my journey into consensual non-monogamy, it was ace and I'm happy to be part of the community!

How are we all doing? :3

I'm traveling next week to a city where I used to live. I have two dates planned for that trip with different people that I knew when I lived there and thought were cute but unavailable, and anyway hadn't shown any signs of interest.

*shoot your damn shot, friends.*

Hello sexy humans! Be happy today and kiss and hug someone :blobcatheart:

I love showing affection by sitting behind someone / with someone in my lap while I brush their hair / scratch their scalp / massage their neck.

Today I learned that I finally have hair long enough to really brush... and my wife brushed it and it felt wonderful.

Holy crap.

Response: "That's so awesome to hear 🥰!! Ahhhh!! Like, that legit gives me warm fuzzies!" So okay, that went well 😅

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Had a realization about my relationship, with my wife, in that there are things in it/us that would be deal breakers 20 years ago when we got together and that some of what was normal in it/us 20 years ago would be deal breakers today.

Just finished watching the first season of awesome sci fi show!

Also, really great in representation. There's variety in races, sexual orientation, gender, relationship structures, and, being a sci fi show, even species! 😉

dating (+) 

So now I have a… long-distance FWB, I guess? who's going to be in town in a couple weeks, and I have a date next Tuesday, and my spouse approves of all of this? Everything feels so exciting right now, I'm just floating. 😄

I'm not getting any work done, which is going to bite me soon, but I'm having trouble caring 😅

First people we ended up being attracted to are not available to us as potential partners because of a combination of work/monogamous/professional relationships with us that are the ingredients for a perfect storm...



My memory keeps replaying for me these little moments, like… arching my back and grabbing the sheets around me during one of my peaks of pleasure, and then opening my eyes again to see him smiling at what he's doing to me. 😊 Or his voice as he cooed gentle encouragement at me. I got enough words out to ask him to keep talking, tell him I liked his voice.

I didn't realize just how much this experience was something I needed. I guess I'm sorry if you get tired of hearing about it 😅

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Digital statue dick pick 

Within the first half an hour of playing the game I manage to prove I'm still a young teenager. 🤣

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