I just pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch v.Animal Crossing and...

I suppose I can call myself a gamer again.

Currently listening to:
Avicii Tribute Concert: In Loving Memory of Tim Bergling


Every time my wife (a respected and accomplished non-skating roller derby official) tells me how...


much the Chicago officiating community, and standards within it, is/are struggling I get a surge of energy fueled by anger to come back and start things over again, start training people, encouraging new people to join the sport, and eventually raise standards again.

It’s not a good reason to rejoin anything but... goddamnit. yaaargh.

So I’m heading to Omaha for Krazy Winter Nights, a lifestyle hotel takeover, and my wife isn’t able to join me. It’s be lovely to invite someone to join me but it’s in TWO WEEKS.

Looks like I may be the only single guy at the takeover. I’m trying to generate some hype but I also don’t attend LS events as a single guy so those “muscles” aren’t developed.

I am unquestionably a cool cucumber and I love almost all play/gender configurations but... yes. I’ve got nerves. I’d love a partner in crime.

Chicago and Illinois Politics y’all 

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Chicago and Illinois Politics y’all 

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Chicago and Illinois Politics y’all 

Tonight’s sexy time consisted of... 

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Tonight’s sexy time consisted of... 

We return home from watching Star Wars with a single thought...

Detective Pikachu for movie of the year.

Hey friends,

Tomorrow evening, Bex Caputo and Kevin Patterson join @Ginger and I in a new Gang Bang the Mailbag session and your questions are invited!

Drop me a line if you would like us to address anything on your mind!

I spent eight years playing and five years refereeing roller derby and I’m happy to announce I’ve finally (and successfully) made the transition to... (EC, Selfie) 

I’ve been critically low on... emotional resources lets call them, lately.

Hello fediverse thanks for still being here and not entirely being on fire.

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