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Alright friends, I've decided to crack the door open for some community members, Swingset.FM member podcast hosts, and a few more.

Make sure to welcome everyone coming in, and ... you know, we should probably work on some of our posts with hashtag-introductions, we were in a bit of a silent beta but... we could probably say hello to the rest of the fediverse now.:)

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I am a bioinformatics geek who works in fertility. I am a tabletop RPG enthusiast, Ex-LARPer, Costumer, mountain biker, cocktail enthusiast and all-around nerd.

Nonmonogamist, BDSM Top/Dom, not sure I believe in sexual orientation other than what people claim for themselves
Born/raised and lived in the Midwest for most of my life but at the moment I live in the Santa Barbara CA area.

Husband, father, friend, and instigator of hijinks.

I don’t know if anyone here is a fan (aka: the music label, but I’ve been a fan for a long time, so much that we’re in an agreement to use their music on Life on the Swingset.

But over the last month, maybe even two months, I’ve been... uninterested in most of what they’re putting out.

Many of the artists I followed aren’t putting out new music (or aren’t doing so on the label) right now and the stuff that’s coming out is uninspiring to me.

#ActivityPub is a technical standard for connecting independent sites together to form a single giant network.

Mastodon users can follow people from other Mastodon sites because they all talk to each other through ActivityPub.

But there's more... AP also lets different kinds of sites talk to each other, so people on Mastodon can follow people on PeerTube, Pleroma etc.

AP services in development:

Some (very) technical details:


Aww yes... got that sweet sweet Electivire now that that research box popped to offer a Sinnoh stone.

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Hey swingsetters! @DylanTheThomas graciously granted me the power to grab us a bunch of custom emoji from elsewhere in the Fediverse. Whatever flag you fly, you can probably find it now! :bi_heart: :heart_lesbian: :heart_pan: :heart_trans: :over18: :polyamory_flag:


One thing I like about LotSS is your crew's willingness to accept -- sometimes, to live -- the different "flavors" of ENM under your umbrella.

My wife and I don't quite fit in any of the usual categories. Sometimes this has hampered conversations on places like Kasadie, where "of course we all know why we're here," while the eyebrows waggle. 😏

But what we do, makes sense to us. So -- thanks for creating this new place for conversations!

Alright friends, I'm opening the door yet another few inches to membership on our little Mastodon instance.

Expect new users to come in and start introducing themselves! :)

Ginger's tattoo'd on nipples are majestic. It's like looking into a galaxy... that you want to lick, kiss, and nuzzle.

i have come down with post- Cancún plague (I suspect I got it on the airplane).

I have accidentally passed it on to:

- local sexy partner that greeted me when I returned
- my son

still holding strong:
- @ToniaThomas

...unfortunately, due to excess levels of HORNT there was some sexy time that we shared when we threw caution to the wind so... we will see how that goes.


Hey @coopersbeckett I thought you’d like to know that there is a mastodon instance names

Just in case you feel like jumping ship to an instance that more closely reflects your personal brand.

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Masto Community Standards question:

I want to share links to podcasts I host and produce on the regular, however I’m also an instance admin AND I feel a keen sense of “no promotional fuckery without transparency” that I like.

Do i setup a new handle as a podcast release announce bot and make it clear that’s what it’s there for, or should i shamelessly self-promote by posting?

Suggestions for other options are welcome!

So @coopersbeckett is at the point of editing our live dinner podcast where Prof and I discuss shaving our balls.


If I don’t take it off,
I am still on vacation, hosting the biggest party of the year...


I’ve been watching Fullmetal Alchemist, finishes, and am now watching Brotherhood, thinking it was a sequel.

Now it’s clear it’s a retelling, I am a little disappointed, but I’m still enjoying it

Still, knowing the story doesn’t continue is a bit of a disappointment.

If you wanna be my lover,
you gotta get with my Pokémon friends...

Me, in Cancun, at 8AM, preparing to say goodbye to everyone.

*sigh* :)

look. im eight followers from the weed number. pls boost so any lingering people who haven't experienced my brand of bullsht can get me past this last milestone before 666

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