In other news I’ve found and I’m hooked. I’d kinda love to get a MASSIVE game going if anyone’s interested.

players also apply within.

corona, covid, virus, police 

(Looks at the right who fly blue lives
matter flags at home)
“the police are oppressing us, freedom, abuse of power!”
[drake scowl]

(looks at ‘liberals’ and a small # of acab folk)
“The police should be putting those fuckers in jail they’re endangering everyone!”
“Turn on the firehoses!”
[drake scowl]

(looks at intersectional black / brown folk)
“cops would be shooting these fuckers in a heartbeat if they weren’t white. Police your own damn people”
[smug drake]

Mental Health / Medication 

Even interacting on social media was tiring... so we’ll see where this goes but I’m optimistic.

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Mental Health / Medication 

months my energy / general will to handle emotional loads has been declining. I can push and do anything for short periods of time but end up paying an energetic cost later, and it was enough to ask my psychiatrist for advice.

I’d already been barely taking any antidepressants (150mg Wellbutrin) so I’ve been shifted to a higher dose (300mg). It’s made a huge difference and while that may balance out over time... I don’t feel like everything requires a ton of energy.

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Mental Health / Medication 

So for almost a year I’ve been adjusting to what I consider an intense dive back into bipolar disorder. After 15 years of coping without medication i slowly ended up at a point with very little short term memory and energy... except for the times I had tons of energy and could take on the world.

FF to a very light combination of mood stabilizers and anti-depressants I was able to find a balance and serious general improvement, but over the last few... (cont.)

I just pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch v.Animal Crossing and...

I suppose I can call myself a gamer again.

Currently listening to:
Avicii Tribute Concert: In Loving Memory of Tim Bergling

Every time my wife (a respected and accomplished non-skating roller derby official) tells me how...


much the Chicago officiating community, and standards within it, is/are struggling I get a surge of energy fueled by anger to come back and start things over again, start training people, encouraging new people to join the sport, and eventually raise standards again.

It’s not a good reason to rejoin anything but... goddamnit. yaaargh.

So I’m heading to Omaha for Krazy Winter Nights, a lifestyle hotel takeover, and my wife isn’t able to join me. It’s be lovely to invite someone to join me but it’s in TWO WEEKS.

Looks like I may be the only single guy at the takeover. I’m trying to generate some hype but I also don’t attend LS events as a single guy so those “muscles” aren’t developed.

I am unquestionably a cool cucumber and I love almost all play/gender configurations but... yes. I’ve got nerves. I’d love a partner in crime.

Chicago and Illinois Politics y’all 

My only point is I’m shocked at how much Pritzker has actually done, especially since I had so much hope for Lightfoot.

Could be much worse ‘round here

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Chicago and Illinois Politics y’all 

Mayor Lightfoot, accomplished lawyer and federal assistant district attorney and chicago police board president, black, lesbian, has as Chicago’s mayor:

- caused a teachers strike by attempting to roll back preciously negotiated salary and benefit increases to teachers
- aligned completely with the CPD on all police accountability topics and has publicly defended them

...but has also is pursuing and has accomplished some badly needed city governance reform.

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Chicago and Illinois Politics y’all 


Gov. Pritzker, millionaire generic white businessman and on paper a hell of an asshole... has as IL’s governor has signed into law a (for Illinois) a shocking number of legitimately progressive and compassionate policies including ...

- protection for trans people in the workplace and healthcare
- expunged records of most people in jail for cannabis convictions
- ended school/district policies on student isolation.

Tonight’s sexy time consisted of... 

‪...oh and according to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 movie the only visible sign of aging is dark circles under eyes.‬

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Tonight’s sexy time consisted of... 

- *giggles* about whippits
- *giggles* about relaxing the ass
- *giggles* about inappropriate times to mention whippits
- estimating our numbers both total, average, then brofisting
- ♫ See that girl, watch that scene
Digging the anal queen ♪

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