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Alright friends, I've decided to crack the door open for some community members, Swingset.FM member podcast hosts, and a few more.

Make sure to welcome everyone coming in, and ... you know, we should probably work on some of our posts with hashtag-introductions, we were in a bit of a silent beta but... we could probably say hello to the rest of the fediverse now.:)

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Happy Monday beautiful people.

Aye. Never feel bad for asking for help. We all need a hand every now and again. All of us.

And you probably have more folks in your corner than you think, so put it out there. Get what you need to keep moving.

for years "mods are asleep" has been a joke relic from the forum days but the fediverse brings us to an era where the mods can let you know that they're awake by boosting your "mods are asleep" joke and then you can scold them to go to bed because you know their timezone and this isn't healthy

@briana_sweetheart So I guess my question is, hey, has anyone dipped toes into ? Is there a friendly instance you know of that I may be able to hop in on and test the waters / ask some questions?

Is there something that uses a Mastodon identity for authentication that I could maybe link people to that handles events? (I don't know if Mastodon acts as a federated identity manager with other apps, oauth style)

@briana_sweetheart So... I'm super f'n close to building my own instance of Mastodon (for the default world) but I don't have a solution for people who want to invite people to events.

People in my circle use: Facebook and Fetlife for invites. That's it. So... what would I have to do to handle people's event stuff on Mastodon?

Turns out after some basic google searching, may be what I'm looking for. Still federates and is front-end compatible with mastodon, but includes events.

I've been thinking a lot lately (pokes @briana_sweetheart) about what it would take to pull people that -I- care about off Facebook.

Turns out it isn't a photo album, or a marketplace, or instant messaging, or polling, or anything like that... it may just be event invites / management.

Everyone is on Facebook, so if you want to invite all your friends to something and kind-of manage your event, you do it via facebook.

I’ve been receiving negative comments about my body since I was about 8. That’s nearly 20 years of harassment. I’m over this shit. Something finally clicked in the last few years that it’s a THEM problem, not a me problem. Don’t allow assholes to dictate your self esteem✌️

Thanks for the invite! Excited to have a social media outlet for swinging!

‪If you can listen to this song without tearing up a little bit...‬

‪You’re stronger than I am.‬

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Today I solo’d a Machamp.


I will burn a MILLION favourites and reposts to fix a typographical error. I will walk into hell itself wearing shoes constructed of matchbooks to hunt the typographical error to its very nest.

But I will NEVER just take a moment to reread a post before sending it out into the world to catch the error in the first place. This is my solemn vow, etched in fire on my shining soul.

I know that self-interest is like, the grossest way to get people to care, but isn't it interesting ("""interesting""") that a pair of bills nominally about human trafficking have targeted voluntary sex workers (including people in pornography) and is now splashing over onto basically anybody who trips a very poorly trained algorithm because you made a joke about Kirby not wearing pants?

Enforcement of FOSTA / SESTA is a goddamn privacy and expression nightmare. And this was bipartisan!

If there's new people coming in and poking around, I suppose I should have some publicly visible posts, huh? Hi new potential friends!


This mattress is goooooooooooooood.
Scary good.


welcome to my pessimistic social network, grumblr

My new mattress has arrived.

I believe I need to schedule an orgy.

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If you're joining us from Tumblr, welcome! Take a bit of time to familiarise yourself with the CW feature and adding annotations to your images, be sure to lurk for a bit to pick up examples if you're unsure, or ask other users if you feel they'd be receptive to that (I'm one of them! Feel free!). The fediverse is so amazing and vibrant and you'll love it here if you're not a shithead <3

If you want to start your own instance, @mastohost are excellent, they do most of the work for you.

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