@DylanTheThomas , you had recommended a client that is not available on iPad. Any thoughts for this platform? The browser based one is OK, but if there is better...

@Duncan @DylanTheThomas there is not a lot of selection for iOS and no clear winner that I can tell. Right now I’m using Tootdon.


@damien (nod) gotcha, i do have an iPad, i'll do some exploring too.

Hopefully today I'm gonna set up my iPad (studying distraction). Any updated thoughts on client?

@Duncan @damien I admit I forgot to do additional exploring. I am still on Tootdon. I will begin looking, I apologize for not!

No worries at all, @DylanTheThomas. I'll try one of the two you and @damien
Recommended. Odds are for my needs they would be relatively equivalent.

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