@snder Yup every part of the app is available to see and check out.

@JPEG Very nice mate! But I can also run my ‘own’ version locally on my iPhone?

@snder I'm not too strict on licenses, so be my guest. All I advise is to not plagiarise or sell it as your own.

@JPEG Ofcourse not but that goes without saying my friend ;-)

Isn't it an idea that you can maybe create some sort of Mastodon app template that connects to one specific instance only? I think many server admins love that some sort of a 'dedicated' app to their instance! (especially me :blobheart2: )

@snder That's a great idea and will be cool to see you implement that, bypassing the initial instance entry page!

@JPEG Exactly! I've been searching for this for so long now haha.. I kinda gave up and offered my users the default mastodon apps page..


@snder @JPEG Ooooooo...

Companies like DoubleDutch do something similar for their appa, same basic codebase but connect to one org’s instance of the event platform.

You’ve got a potentially very interesting opportunity here @joeg@mastodon.technology... should you decide to do it.

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