I've been thinking a lot lately (pokes @briana_sweetheart) about what it would take to pull people that -I- care about off Facebook.

Turns out it isn't a photo album, or a marketplace, or instant messaging, or polling, or anything like that... it may just be event invites / management.

Everyone is on Facebook, so if you want to invite all your friends to something and kind-of manage your event, you do it via facebook.

@briana_sweetheart So... I'm super f'n close to building my own instance of Mastodon (for the default world) but I don't have a solution for people who want to invite people to events.

People in my circle use: Facebook and Fetlife for invites. That's it. So... what would I have to do to handle people's event stuff on Mastodon?

Turns out after some basic google searching, may be what I'm looking for. Still federates and is front-end compatible with mastodon, but includes events.

@briana_sweetheart So I guess my question is, hey, has anyone dipped toes into ? Is there a friendly instance you know of that I may be able to hop in on and test the waters / ask some questions?

Is there something that uses a Mastodon identity for authentication that I could maybe link people to that handles events? (I don't know if Mastodon acts as a federated identity manager with other apps, oauth style)

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