Swingset.Social Announcement:

Did you know that we have a directory now? (Thank you upgrades!)

If you're interested in being listed in the *** publicly available *** directory as a user here, edit your profile and check the "List This Account on the Directory" box!

* Tagging of local users commences... now.

Boy, this "public directory" is turning out to be harder than it looks!

First, I can't see that directory in the Mastalab app for my Android phone, which is where I saw your announcement. Had to go to my browser, and log into there, to find the directory. Also needed to use the browser to change that profile item - Mastalab doesn't give me access to it. (1st of 3, I think)


I'm not telling you all this because of some delusional hope that you'll magically "fix" these techie things. Of course you can't.

I'm trying you this because it's possible that some of the local users you tagged might find this too much, and throw up their hands. (If they throw up anything, I *hope* it will be their hands!) So if the response rate looks low - it's not your fault. (3rd of 4, oh well)


Oh, and after I edited my profile, I discovered that my name didn't show up. Looks like my 3 followers did not meet the directory's 10-follower minimum.

Ah well. (4th of 4, hooray)


Next, while in the browser I noticed that I wasn't seeing your toot anywhere: not in my Home feed, not in my Local or Federated timelines. I found it eventually - by right-clicking your name on your "how cold it is here" toot (in my Local timeline) and opening a new tab with your profile.

Still had to go back to my phone, though, because that tab on my browser gave me more hoops to jump through in order to reply (as I'm doing now). Gack! (2nd of 3, I think)

@runsilentrundeep Interesting...

We follow each other, it should have (at minimum) showed up ..... OH I KNOW WHY

You're messaging me from your account and not your account. :)

Your account is @RunSilentRunDeep.


As for the other things, yeah, the mobile apps don't all have access to settings, that is definitely one thing that needs to take place in a browser... I should have said that.

/me is bad-min

Hmm. I had thought that I *was* sending it from the SS instance. Clearly, I was wrong.

I have selected the SS instance in the place in my app that shows my profile. Let's see if this one comes from the swingset instance.

Yeah, new tech so sometimes we'll get unexpected outcomes. *shrug* The tech is new, but the outcomes are old! 😁

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