Tonia’s heading down to StL this weekend, I’ll be alllll alone.

Except for the woman spending the night on Friday.
...and the woman coming over all day Sunday.

Good weekend ahead.

That doesn't sound too lonely to me, @DylanTheThomas ! You lucky man!

How do you do with being alone? How about when the internet goes out?
I absolutely love it. I work at home and when kids and partner come home at the end of the day I can get cranky.
If ever my partner is home alone I know, without fail, he'll end up at his buddy's house. I have a theory he doesn't like his own thoughts. It would be a cruel prank if I booked us into a week-long silent retreats!

@PhreakyPhaye I’m actually pretty good when alone, I have another April weekend coming up without @ToniaThomas that I’m leaving clear on purpose.

I’d love to catch up on gaming, reading (have a few books in the quiver) and bike riding. I like playing with others but I haven’t made enough time for myself. :)

@DylanTheThomas @ToniaThomas
That's great! I'm possibly more envious of your impending alone time than imminent playtime... 😒
I could use more of both!

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