Something that frustrates me, especially ad an instance admin, is search.

I feel like my little instance is cutoff from huge swaths of the rest of the fediverse because
search almost never offers anything useful. I’d expect to be in heavy use but I see five toots.


I don’t get it. *sigh*

@DylanTheThomas Agreed - i want to use search to find new people with similar interests, but it seems like the weakest part of federation.

@snipejaeg You know, polyamorous folk take all this care to put together visual maps of constellations of people, including sexy comets, reference venn diagrams, etc...

I say we dump a couple thousand polyamorous people into various fediverse connected instances and let them create the "one true map" which will allow us to add a single server which will grant access to all servers.

that's how federation works right?

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