Chicago and Illinois Politics y’all 


Gov. Pritzker, millionaire generic white businessman and on paper a hell of an asshole... has as IL’s governor has signed into law a (for Illinois) a shocking number of legitimately progressive and compassionate policies including ...

- protection for trans people in the workplace and healthcare
- expunged records of most people in jail for cannabis convictions
- ended school/district policies on student isolation.


Chicago and Illinois Politics y’all 

Mayor Lightfoot, accomplished lawyer and federal assistant district attorney and chicago police board president, black, lesbian, has as Chicago’s mayor:

- caused a teachers strike by attempting to roll back preciously negotiated salary and benefit increases to teachers
- aligned completely with the CPD on all police accountability topics and has publicly defended them

...but has also is pursuing and has accomplished some badly needed city governance reform.

Chicago and Illinois Politics y’all 

My only point is I’m shocked at how much Pritzker has actually done, especially since I had so much hope for Lightfoot.

Could be much worse ‘round here

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