Mental Health / Medication 

So for almost a year I’ve been adjusting to what I consider an intense dive back into bipolar disorder. After 15 years of coping without medication i slowly ended up at a point with very little short term memory and energy... except for the times I had tons of energy and could take on the world.

FF to a very light combination of mood stabilizers and anti-depressants I was able to find a balance and serious general improvement, but over the last few... (cont.)

Mental Health / Medication 

months my energy / general will to handle emotional loads has been declining. I can push and do anything for short periods of time but end up paying an energetic cost later, and it was enough to ask my psychiatrist for advice.

I’d already been barely taking any antidepressants (150mg Wellbutrin) so I’ve been shifted to a higher dose (300mg). It’s made a huge difference and while that may balance out over time... I don’t feel like everything requires a ton of energy.

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Mental Health / Medication 

Even interacting on social media was tiring... so we’ll see where this goes but I’m optimistic.

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