@DianaTourjee@twitter.com thread on trans attracted cis men & visibility 

Just read this thread on Twitter:

Knowing no single person needs to take the weight of responsibility on her shoulders to answer...

Removing celebrity men from the equation for a moment, I'm a little stunned (as in, knocked back into my chair a little bit saying "huh") at @DianaTourjee@twitter.com's desire for more cis men to speak up about fucking trans women.


@DianaTourjee@twitter.com thread on trans attracted cis men & visibility 

Almost every other call for visibility I can think of means yelling it off the rooftops, so a call to visibility via simple every day admission really surprised me.

I'm also not 100% how to teach that
to other cis dudes or practice it since my understanding up to now has been to be very conscious about crossing into chaser territory, and...

holy shit I'd feel bad if someone i talked to ventured there.


@DianaTourjee@twitter.com thread on trans attracted cis men & visibility 

So I'm going to need to do some real listening / digging on this. I'm pretty openly attracted to trans women, but also (considering how much I talk about butt stuff and group sex) relatively quiet about

Consciousness about causing harm by fetishizing trans women has driven that path more than anything else.



@DianaTourjee@twitter.com thread on trans attracted cis men & visibility 

as much as we've been sitting around jerking ourselves off on friday night delights it feels like it's time to invite trans women to talk about it with the respect it deserves.

...then crack stupid jokes with us on fnls.

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