@memnus Saw you Civv'n it up earlier but I was guts deep in my system. Turns out I needed to take my motherboard out due to a loose mount (for a universal Thermaltake CPU mounting bracket) so a 15 minute video card swap ended up in a 75 minute yargh fest.

We have a game going I think right? I'm game to try continuing it some time over the next couple nights if you are.

@DylanTheThomas I'm absolutely up for it! Feel free to ping me whenever, this week is perfect because I'm sure not going anywhere.

Sorry to hear about the technical difficulties. Frankly I'm kind of surprised my desktop hasn't had anything similar, I haven't touched any internals for five years now.

@DylanTheThomas yeah but it can't run Civ and YouTube at the same time. Showing its age.

Also Firefox occasionally gets glitchy as *fuck* when I scroll and it's really distracting.

@DylanTheThomas Apparently Discord will be the more reliable way to get my attention! Unless I'm just that deep in the hole, in which case, all hope is lost.

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