So I cracked open an iMac G4 yesterday. What's the goal? Who knows, it's fun! For me it's therapy! That's good enough for me!

Getting into this it occurs to me that I really only have two options.

1) Hunt down an IDE hard drive of sufficient storage / speed to offer a modicum of performance then hunt down a full size PC133 512MB dimm and a PC133 512MB sodimm

2) Raspberry Pi or Mini-ITX the hell out of this thing


So......... now what? (heh)


@DylanTheThomas if only I still had the 20MB hard drive from my 486 still!

@tyler ewwwwwwweee, are you sure or wasn't rll or mfm? My memories of the 486 days are a bit fuzzy.

Back then I was playing Wing Commander 1 - 4 and using Sound Blaster 16s. :D

@DylanTheThomas correction, that was my 386....
My father may have owned a computer store, but that certainly didn't mean I got nice things! The only reason I had my own computer was because he wanted me to stop breaking his!

The power supply will likely be the issue for the G4... RPi would be easy to power... Putting a NUC in there would be simple and easy...

hmm... what a fun project!

@tyler mine too! I started "working" for him when I was 5, working for him at 8, and TRULY doing real IT/OEM/computer building at 13. :)

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