Cripes y'all I 'm still trying to catchup to :nb_crossbow: and Wenbiesday and I was terribly late on hornt and now there's this 🎾 ball shit going on I can't keep up and I don't understand.

Excuse me, dear gentlepersons of Mastodon, can you slow the rate of memevolution a bit?

This aging internet warrior is having a problem keeping up with "the kids these days".

My cat decided I needed a bit of help editing the podcast.

"He did."

Facebook is fucking trash, however... sometimes something that connects with me comes up and this time it has, so I'm going to hop on the "10 days of pictures for a thing you like" hype train. HERE GOES NOTHING:

Day 1 of the 10-day challenge!

Every day I will post some media detailing some involvement in Roller Derby that had an impact on me with some level (none is a level!) of explanation.

Fuck nominating someone else, participate if you wanna.

Naughty in N’awlins sexy talk 

Selfie with the wife w/ ec in Indy 

Allo fans!
I’ve started a new account and I would love to be your friend!

7762 7371 9502

Pandemic Legacy Season 2 Photo/Spoilers! 

Today is traditionally Chicago’s pride celebration. I’ve been fortunate enough to put skates on and march in the parade (twice!) and cheer from the sidelines quite a bit.

I won’t make it this year, but to everyone that pride means anything to...

Happy pride. :)

OH, so, in f'n awesome news:

I finally evolved a Riolu into a Lucario, and OH. MY. GOD.

Fighting moves AND Ghost/Shadow ball?


‪Game 8 @ :‬
‪Xia: Legends of a Drift System!‬


‪Game 3 @ :‬
‪Terraforming Mars!‬

‪... unfortunately we started breakdown before I remembered to take a photo.‬

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