We (@ToniaThomas and I) decided to donate to:
- Transgender Education Network of Texas (transtexas.org)
- Organización Latina Trans Texas (latinatranstexas.org)

If you're not sure how you can help and can donate, consider those orgs.

Getting into this it occurs to me that I really only have two options.

1) Hunt down an IDE hard drive of sufficient storage / speed to offer a modicum of performance then hunt down a full size PC133 512MB dimm and a PC133 512MB sodimm

2) Raspberry Pi or Mini-ITX the hell out of this thing

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So I cracked open an iMac G4 yesterday. What's the goal? Who knows, it's fun! For me it's therapy! That's good enough for me!

Oh shit we've finally made it!
into a mandatory force-set-as-sensitive instance.

...we don't even post that many lewds and when we do they're marked NSFW *shruggie*.


(also checking 'em out to see if we need to take any action here)

A small bright spot:
My pre-order of Burnout Paradise: Remastered arrived and I my son is checking it out.

I spent eight years playing and five years refereeing roller derby and I’m happy to announce I’ve finally (and successfully) made the transition to... (EC, Selfie) 


of the year. :)



compete in six games
46 high school teams here
smelly teenagers

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