I always thought being horny was party of my
“brand” as sex podcaster but... I filter most of that out and I’m not even sure why.

I almost feel like I’d be posing if I were all of a sudden to lay it on hot and heavy or tell sex stories all the time.

That’s SUPPOSED to be me, wth happened?

I understand people get upset when I don't accept their words as genuine because they probably feel they are being genuine.

But I don't. I know they are not. Why? Because I literally had to start my own instance to have a real time example of who it is very possible to prioritize safety and still have a viable community.

I've been in the tech game for damn near 20 years and this idea didn't happen until I did it myself.

So yes I am very skeptical of people's alleged good intentions.

I have been playing #mtg since the first ravnica block. I have dabbled in basically all formats, but my favourite way to play is draft.
This is my magic-specific account.
Check out my profile for more info.

@maloki @bob

Anyone know where this awesome list is? That would help a ton. I can automate that shit.

- scryptmail.com
- scryptmaildniwm6.onion

Used it sparingly for a while.

OH, so, in f'n awesome news:

I finally evolved a Riolu into a Lucario, and OH. MY. GOD.

Fighting moves AND Ghost/Shadow ball?


So... now that I've done some admin stuff, can I go back to making dick and fart jokes?

I am also blocking the following users:


Any questions, concerns, and comments... feel free to @ -me-. I'm the admin, I've signed on for it.

This ends my statement / announcement.




Truly fucking distasteful human beings and image content

I will be be very skeptical of any instance that does not establish a clear TOS, and block any instances that clearly don't enforce their TOS.

To that end, I'm establishing the following blocks, both for instances and those instances clearly allied with the alt-right, trolling, and shitposting mudpits, as well as a couple other bans as detailed in the next toot:

Gab development is now based on a fork of Mastodon, as is the right of anyone when it comes to software with an open source license. I strongly support that right.

I also strongly support the right to exercise control over the platforms I maintain and filter out users and platforms that have no intention to honestly engage and/or only intend to "honestly engage" in harmful ways to my and larger communities. Their speech may be free, we don't have to listen to it.


Instance Management / Blocklist / Bans post:

I aspire to assume positive intent while staying conscious of people who clearly don't have it and making decisions based on that. Actions may speak louder than words, but words matter.

In that spirit and through that lens it's my intention to be extremely skeptical of any instances that come online.

@phildini I recently did this as well and god... what a breath of fresh air.

The only downside I've found is that hangouts.google.com is sloooooooooooooooooooow on Firefox (which I'm sure it not Firefox's fault) but I'm a heavy user of the container extension. Putting Facebook and Amazon in their respective jails feels rewarding.

Ok, I've spent a few weeks thinking about two mostly unrelated items:

I'm definitely starting my own Pixelfed instance, possibly two.

For family and friends (without my pseudonym).

The other for the same folks on swingset.social that want a more social photo experience, including explicitly allowing and encouraging nsfw images (as long as they're properly tagged with sensitive content).

Now I get to figure out how to spin up an instance and link it to a cheap S3 bucket.

Never done that.

@mxsiege Well thank you. :)

I almost set fire to the entire haircut to start over about... five times over the last few months but I'm finally past "slickback awkward" and into "comfortably short and tied back"... and yeah.

Literally this photo is the first one I took where I said... yeah. I'm digging this.

@randmman So... we’ve had guests on from rural area but we haven’t focused on rural swingers as a topic.


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