If anyone here is attending () this week and wants to throw down a game, let me and/or @tonia know!

Pet health?? Or maybe just pet weird 

@memnus In my experience, cats optimize for least energy expenditure possible for highest possible gain.

this sounds like optimization. :)

So I adopted a 17 year old cat and a 4.5mo. old kitten and two months later they are literally running around the house with shoelaces chasing each other.

My 16 year old "og" cat is intrigued but not participating.

It's still amazing to watch.


Mourn the dead; fight like hell for the living.

I kind of want to do a "Lets Play" streaming series for the entire Wing Commander series.

@memnus woof

nothing wrong with having a nice set of slim knee pads to drop underneath the pants available for the future we all deserve though

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