@FnKHonest now i just need more swinubs to appear so I can buy that sweet ass charged ice move

@FnKHonest I was asleep for most of it (recovering from being sick)... I did have significant swinub candy before the event so when I woke up I drove out to a park and spent 30 minutes picking some up and ended up with two shinys and four total mamoswine.

I like this one! (I have two lucky, insider trading woo woo!)

Hey... after a week of being sick... Show more

@lawremipsum I wasn't TERRIBLY interested in what that hashtag was... maybe I hope there's a translation error in "make my pussy great again" or something...

But there've been other hashtags come up where I'm like... aww..

I just have a feeling that I'm still missing out on a HUGE part of the fediverse (for better or for worse).

Hey. Remember, we can all be each other's valentines on here.

Prepare some messages to people who mean a lot to you here.

Send them in DMs or publicly on the 14th. ❤️💙💞

Sexy Talk! I and @ToniaThomas did something we hadnt done before... Show more

I feel like a failure as an admin whenever I see @federationbot’s trending hashtags, click them, and see no current (or any) content.

Like... what the hell?

I am trying to follow as many other admins as possible on as many different servers as possible to get the federated connections going but I can’t follow who/what I don’t know about.



‪I know I’ve not been shy about being a member of but man I’ll tell you...‬

‪It really makes a positive difference when there’s an upset stomach in play.‬

Sexy Talk! I and @ToniaThomas did something we hadnt done before... Show more

@kosh (nod) I enjoyed a good 4x, and that was truly one of my favorites. The ship fighting animations were really great too.

Unfortunately it was buggy as all hell. I haven't checked in on outside projects to stabilize it lately but... it's here:

I never played A Final Unity, i'll have to find it!

@bewitchyourmind gentle moisturizing care takes priority. get a lil deep clean and cream for that poor overtaxed muscle and massage it gently with cool oils. it'll be strangely romantic i promise

We may have accidentally stumbled on one of the best podcast titles of all times:

Squishing Off - Getting Experimental with our Genitals

Everything hurts and I have permanent marker and velcro burn on my arms.

What sport did I play last night?


oh god.

I feel like the person who wants me to eat their ass should have told me... and if they didn’t know, I’d tell them.

That can’t feel good.


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