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Why the apology though? :) YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT

Yeah, we've been kind of struggling through Twitter -> Mastodon crossposting stuff, I made the mistake of having Cooper setup a crosspost without doing a good job of explaining mastodon culture. I feel fucking awful about it.

Happy Monday beautiful people.

Aye. Never feel bad for asking for help. We all need a hand every now and again. All of us.

And you probably have more folks in your corner than you think, so put it out there. Get what you need to keep moving.

for years "mods are asleep" has been a joke relic from the forum days but the fediverse brings us to an era where the mods can let you know that they're awake by boosting your "mods are asleep" joke and then you can scold them to go to bed because you know their timezone and this isn't healthy

@snder New reply to an old message, I know... I just started searching the hashtag.

I'm enjoying Mastodon, but for another community, I needed a little more thank just microblogging so I started poking around to see what filled that need and I stumbled on .

(the answer it seems is yes, once you enable a couple extra services: project.hubzilla.org/help/en/a)

@briana_sweetheart So I guess my question is, hey, has anyone dipped toes into ? Is there a friendly instance you know of that I may be able to hop in on and test the waters / ask some questions?

Is there something that uses a Mastodon identity for authentication that I could maybe link people to that handles events? (I don't know if Mastodon acts as a federated identity manager with other apps, oauth style)

@briana_sweetheart So... I'm super f'n close to building my own instance of Mastodon (for the default world) but I don't have a solution for people who want to invite people to events.

People in my circle use: Facebook and Fetlife for invites. That's it. So... what would I have to do to handle people's event stuff on Mastodon?

Turns out after some basic google searching, may be what I'm looking for. Still federates and is front-end compatible with mastodon, but includes events.

I've been thinking a lot lately (pokes @briana_sweetheart) about what it would take to pull people that -I- care about off Facebook.

Turns out it isn't a photo album, or a marketplace, or instant messaging, or polling, or anything like that... it may just be event invites / management.

Everyone is on Facebook, so if you want to invite all your friends to something and kind-of manage your event, you do it via facebook.

@amydentata I loved watching eight other people type simultaneously in group chats.

I’ve been receiving negative comments about my body since I was about 8. That’s nearly 20 years of harassment. I’m over this shit. Something finally clicked in the last few years that it’s a THEM problem, not a me problem. Don’t allow assholes to dictate your self esteem✌️

@FnKHonest I have a couple of Alakazams, I have a single Mewtwo... and I want to get rid of that steel move but i'm out of charged tms. :P

@belleandthebeared glad you’re here. :)

I think we are prepared for a “real” launch, including a podcast announcement, so here’s hoping after next week we see a lot of new sexy folk joining in the fun!

Thanks for the invite! Excited to have a social media outlet for swinging!

‪If you can listen to this song without tearing up a little bit...‬

‪You’re stronger than I am.‬


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