I kind of want to do a "Lets Play" streaming series for the entire Wing Commander series.

@memnus woof

nothing wrong with having a nice set of slim knee pads to drop underneath the pants available for the future we all deserve though

My desire to change, my need to justify this to myself, is real and here and I need to acknowledge it.

Do I tell everyone they should join our discord and make it mostly public but wotj private and incentivized areas?

Do I consider youtube or twitch streaming?

I don't know, but staying a podcast that relies on word of mouth doesn't work for me anymore. I'm either all in on connecting with people here to make a difference or...

I'm not.

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I'm less connected to my Chicago communities because I wanted (and still do) to just be me, a normal person, who is loved and judges on my relationships with people here and my actions and words here and not just reputation or past work or what I do at events or elsewhere.

I want to be me. A guy without a pseudonym who loves and respects and desires and lusts and works with and enjoys... and occasionally disagrees with and dislikes and is disappointed in people.

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Private discussions, public discussions, it'a all good... but it's on my mind because if we aren't making a true positive difference in an increasing way it's not something I want to devote real time and passion to.

I know we've made, and make a huge difference, but I need to make decisions on how I spend my time based on family needs, financial needs, and honestly... the needs of my community.

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I'm finally coming around to thinking about the podcast, as a platform, hasn't really evolved with respect to true engagement with people that listen, care, and just as importantly...

would listen and care if they knew we existed and that what we do has real value.

we've enjoyed enormous word of mouth support and attention from appearances worldwide but due to multiple reasons that hit -before- covid-19 and the uprising, our "discoverability waned".

The feds are in Chicago. 


The feds are coming to now. It's not like I didn't expect it after seeing Portland... but fuck. It's here.

I'm fucking terrified for my friends in the city who've already eaten teargas and rubber bullets who now have to fear being taken off the fucking streets while not even protesting. I live in the 'burbs. They can't escape.

"Classic police work"

We're having conversations on what to do next.

Hi friends,

If you'd like to join us on Friday nights for something we call Friday Night Delights, drop me a line here:

We get together on Discord, we chat about sexy stuff, fun stuff, serious stuff, and we may even thrown down a game or two.

It's chill, because honestly I am being selfish and need a few moments of chill in my life but also want to spread those moments to everyone I can.

@tyler mine too! I started "working" for him when I was 5, working for him at 8, and TRULY doing real IT/OEM/computer building at 13. :)

@tyler ewwwwwwweee, are you sure or wasn't rll or mfm? My memories of the 486 days are a bit fuzzy.

Back then I was playing Wing Commander 1 - 4 and using Sound Blaster 16s. :D

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