Self-Promotion: Sex Ed workshop on foreskins (with hilarious image) 

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@Beardedvampire ooph...

I used to think watching mindless television was soothing... but then i started enjoying and being passionate about what I was watching.

Wrestling ... breaks my f’n heart sometimes.
Pokémon... has a surprisingly frequent problem with racist caricatures. inactivity makes it easier to not exercise which makes me more run down which increases stress, etc. I am trying masturbation as stress relief when not at work, and lunch exercise when at!

Work’s been -extremely- stressful and overloading but lunch time workouts make it a bit easier to handle.

It’s 50f at night now.
My windows stay open.
Who wants to come over and snuggle under four blankets?

I love that even if @ToniaThomas or I travel separate from each other we both have a chance to enjoy intimate company.

I’m gonna love on Tonia something fierce tonight, but... I did have a wonderful Saturday morning including a new sex position.

Hi. I live in , . I help to run a lot of not for profit communities:

1. an annual & , .
2. the Mastodon instance.

- solo polyamorous for 13 years
- developer day job
- big house with 3 adults, none of us sleep with each other, no kids
- designer of "Overworld".

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