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I threw coop a note on mastodon culture re: CW and NSFW on posts just now.

We spend a lot of time talking about improving relationships, but sometimes... The other person involved doesn't do the work.

Bex Caputo and Lunabelle join Ginger Bentham and I to talk about what to do about it.

There's like 7 people who regularly post on and we're all chill as hell. It's fuckin lit

I promise I'm eventually going to build a bot, but it doesn't exist yet... IT WILL HAPPEN I SWEAR

So I ordered a new mattress because... uh... mattress related activities hold a particular special interest for me.

I have no idea when it's arriving and ARRRGH I CAN'T F'N WAIT, I wish I had a delivery date.

(We ordered a Helix Nightfall)

~A boostable feast~

:flag: is a :chance: Chicago-focused Mastodon instance with a friendly local timeline and simple rules.

DM me for an invite if you're a current, former, or future Chicagoan (suburbs included :ctapurple: :ctayellow:).

I'm shouldering all costs right now, so if you like what we're doing, you can also buy me a coffee :darkmatter: at

Thanks! We :pizzaheart: you.

‪well shoot... Midwest is this weekend and I didn’t realize it until today.‬

‪I’ll be at the Tool Shed in Milwaukee on Friday, and a friends and family gathering on Saturday... I am theoretically free on Sunday though.‬



How to crosspost between Mastodon and Twitter 

A quote from and link to an essay on enthusiastic consent. 

An outstanding essay about executives in power blaming their abuse on polyamory and kink, by @lizthegrey on twitter. 

Kickstarter plug 

So now that we're back from Cancun, I'm spending a lot of time... not editing audio for production, but filtering audio for editing.

There's an unrecognized amount of effort that goes into gently massaging extra noise out of audio while still maintaining voice quality and... I've learned it over the years.

I enjoy it. I just wish it was more flashy. :)

pros of being polyam is if youre too mentally worn out to comfort ur gf you can just have your fiancee do it

I've switched to to access Mastodon via my iOS devices. I'm liking its user experience quite a bit, even if there are a couple of very small stumbling areas surrounding media

(In my experience, all mastodon clients have rough edges, heh)

Considering how good it is I have a lot of faith that @JPEG will continue improving it and that makes me happy.


This footnote in canine psychology book INSIDE OF A DOG has destroyed me.

"Typically, only dogs familiar with each other pull off threesomes."

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We are swingers, polyamorous, sex positive, nonmonogamous, kinky, and other compatible folk! We are also consent and kink aware and LGBTQIA+ inclusive.

If you're cool with all this, you can apply to join our little community by visiting and acknowledging your coolness and we'll let you in!