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- Uses FreeNAS
- Sets up redundant raid sets with external usb drives
^Runs great for two years

- Moves server to new location, forgets what port which drive should be plugged into
- fixes through trial and error

^drive dies
^FreeNAS spits out lots of unfriendly errors on boot, won’t offer login or web interface

...fuck, it’s been two years, now I have to rebuild knowledge on how to recover from such issues

Just arrived. I am working on my profile and intro stuff, but very open-minded hedonistic Daddy Dom.
Take it from there!!

What am I doing this morning?

Well, I WAS going to podcast edit but due to graphics driver shenanigans and the fact that Vegas tries REALLY HARD to optimize by sending calculations through graphics cards... I'm uninstalling graphics drivers and reinstalling them!

Handle issues gracefully ffs instead of trying to send data through an integrated graphics card I have already disabled in the bios.

When your sticker collection finally gets so good that you need to get a car to put them on... (finally, the sun's out when I'm home so I can apply them!)

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kink, joke 

‪Current status:‬

‪Making from scratch, one batch with chile ancho and one with both chile de arbol and chile ancho.‬

It’s been a few years but we decided to make our favorite tamales. Jalapeño & cheese!

Lots of triumph for my dog Penny. Return to the dog park post free of giardia diagnosis, biggest stick!, and first time in a bar!

‪I’m tired.‬

‪Hey! @ToniaThomas after I shower, wanna lay in bed naked and trade some Pokémon?‬

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’d been putting off getting in touch with someone because I felt super bad about losing touch with them in the first place, but I buckled down last week and emailed them. They just emailed me back and said it took them so long to reply because they felt horrible about losing touch with me, and they’d gotten caught up in a loop of that, and that they were really glad I’d reached out. Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to take that first step


I love when I shower post-sex, and later on in the day STILL smell my partner on me.

~waves @ @ToniaThomas

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