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We may have accidentally stumbled on one of the best podcast titles of all times:

Squishing Off - Getting Experimental with our Genitals

Everything hurts and I have permanent marker and velcro burn on my arms.

What sport did I play last night?

Holy hell am I glad I took today off... a 9+ hour drive takes a toll, even if it's an "easy" drive.

Hi, everybody! I'm new to this instance and to Mastodon in general. I've been listening to LOTSS for years now, and this sounded like a great place to talk to people who share the same ethos. How's your day going? 😁

Swingset.Social Announcement:

Did you know that we have a directory now? (Thank you upgrades!)

If you're interested in being listed in the *** publicly available *** directory as a user here, edit your profile and check the "List This Account on the Directory" box!

* Tagging of local users commences... now.

Shoutout to @memnus, @Duncan, and @viachicago1979 who have graciously agreed to participate as part of the moderation team, and to advice on various goings ons and what not.

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~ Logs into mastodon

~ Searches for current trashfire
"hordes of abusers on"
"lead mastodon dev not considering changes to make allow admins to better protect their users"
"various instanes considering blocking"

... god damn am I fucking glad I run my own instance. This is SO MUCH more manageable than Twitter trash fires and people @ tagging Jack and TwitterSupport thinking that's going to help.

Current Status:
Downloading my entire Flickr existence, then killing the Flickr account.

Seriously considering setting up my own @pixelfed instance to have something interesting to migrate to.

I've never set anything up like this myself ohgod

So today on BIRDSITE I was invited to moderate . I was legitimately excited to do it, I’ve done it before and it was a blast!

Today however... Twitter’s hashtag views were not updating properly and notifications/ mentions were slow as molasses.


So we have rescheduled, nbd, much love for Sssh for Women.

I cant help but think I wish we could have done it here. :)

Hey, friends, remember to be kind to yourselves and each other today. Days like this it can feel like we're all we've got.

what if I imposed a MINIMUM length on rars (possibly not to replies, sometimes 'yes' or 'no' or '🖕🏾' really IS all you need to say) 

what if I just took this down because sometimes I consider microblogging to be fundamentally harmful and started hacking together some kind of longform-oriented thing on top of activitypub with easy-to-use post locking and multiple icons and shit

the former is less likely because "drawing comics" kind of takes all of my time but

I dunno, I think there's a lot more value in a place that invites people to create long entries with some form of nuance - or even to just ramble for a while - than there is in a place still fundamentally designed to imitate the not-even-big-enough-for-a-sentence limitations of Twitter. All our commercial social media has been converging on ever shorter and ever less well thought out posts, because that's more likely to create ✨e✨n✨g✨a✨g✨e✨m✨e✨n✨t✨ without any regards to whether said engagement is healthy for anyone involved in the conversation, because that's what you get when you optimize for serving as many ads as possible.

Anyway I am slightly baked and I am about to shut off the internet to focus on converting a pot of tea into yet another page of my dense, many-paged graphic novel.

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:mastodon: My favorite highlights of #Mastodon 2.7.0 :
- Multiple hashtags in a single column (I literally asked for that:
- The new Profile directory:
- The new public tags page layout (do you know what's missing from that? That's right, multiple hashtags in a single page)
- The new notification filters

Check the Release notes, this release is bonkers
Thanks @Curator for the upgrade!

Upon further comment, I take back the first two requests and stick with:

"Set someone's default views to Home / Notifications / Local Timeline / Federated Timeline so that things don't seem so empty when new users, completely virgin to Mastodon, log in."

I'm going to have to make an "" and set it as a default follow that people are welcome to unfollow and... maybe convince current users to follow it, much like the vaunted Hedonism Bot (@podcasts).

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We are swingers, polyamorous, sex positive, nonmonogamous, kinky, and accepting folk. We are consent and kink aware, welcoming to people of color, and LGBTQIA+ inclusive.

We discuss a lot of things here; podcasts, swinging, polyamory, kink, nonmonogamy, and sex-positivity, and we expect our users to respect general mastodon community standards surrounding using content warnings (CW) for politics, tough discussions, nudity, and graphic kink / bdsm. Viewer discretion is advised.

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