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Dear WWE fans, please let's call the Aleister Black/Ricochet tag team BAMFomet.

Thanks to everything hurts... everywhere.

I still woke up this morning with a smile on my face thinking:
“This must be what a bottom feels like after three hours of impact play.”

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Couples Date result, plus porn recommendation and cover art. Text SFW, Image... not so much! Show more

WOW, there's fraud and then there's this... laundry list of news sites, podcasts and the like all defrauded by this guy... My jaw hit the floor when I read this.

God bless Polish co-workers who bring paczki to the office

This weekend:
- Enjoy time with another couple, tonight
- Attend a play party that looka f’n wonderful, tomorrow
- Get my ass kicked in roller derby, Sunday

Good weekend.

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Hey. Remember, we can all be each other's valentines on here.

Prepare some messages to people who mean a lot to you here.

Send them in DMs or publicly on the 14th. ❤️💙💞

I feel like a failure as an admin whenever I see @federationbot’s trending hashtags, click them, and see no current (or any) content.

Like... what the hell?

I am trying to follow as many other admins as possible on as many different servers as possible to get the federated connections going but I can’t follow who/what I don’t know about.


‪I know I’ve not been shy about being a member of but man I’ll tell you...‬

‪It really makes a positive difference when there’s an upset stomach in play.‬

Sexy Talk! I and @ToniaThomas did something we hadnt done before... Show more

We may have accidentally stumbled on one of the best podcast titles of all times:

Squishing Off - Getting Experimental with our Genitals

Everything hurts and I have permanent marker and velcro burn on my arms.

What sport did I play last night?

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