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Watching the MRDA North American Qualifiers ( playoffs) and holy crap every gamr
is competitive and super fun as a spectator.

THIS IS WHY (one of many reasons) I LOVE MRDA.

Link to stream of my team (Chicago Bruise Brothers) game 2:

Cripes y'all I 'm still trying to catchup to :nb_crossbow: and Wenbiesday and I was terribly late on hornt and now there's this 🎾 ball shit going on I can't keep up and I don't understand.

Excuse me, dear gentlepersons of Mastodon, can you slow the rate of memevolution a bit?

This aging internet warrior is having a problem keeping up with "the kids these days".

never before in my life have i ever wanted for someone to add a tracker or ad to their website

Hello users!

I'm going to add us to the list of servers that use as a Mastodon relay. I hope it'll offer our public posts a little more visibility as well as offer us more access to other instances' posts.

This may work wonderfully ... or not. WHO KNOWS, but I do want to know over the next few weeks whether this enhances the experience, makes no difference, or makes it worse so let us ( @Duncan @viachicago1979 @memnus and me ) know!

My cat decided I needed a bit of help editing the podcast.

"He did."

is it rude to message your Pokémon Go Friends to make them finally open those months-old gifts

I need to send out more for a quest

briefly came back to the sport as a skater and had an opportunity to skate in a May the 4th tournament style mixer.

It had an impact on me because, while I still had an enormous way to go before I got back to parity with my previous skating skill, i started seeing serious improvement and saw a path forward.

I found that I overcommitted and had to give it up again.

So... getting to do this again felt like a privilege, and I'll forever be grateful for it, even if it's the last time I do it.

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Facebook is fucking trash, however... sometimes something that connects with me comes up and this time it has, so I'm going to hop on the "10 days of pictures for a thing you like" hype train. HERE GOES NOTHING:

Day 1 of the 10-day challenge!

Every day I will post some media detailing some involvement in Roller Derby that had an impact on me with some level (none is a level!) of explanation.

Fuck nominating someone else, participate if you wanna.

Gab instance block. Again. again. ... again. 

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Gab instance block. Again. again. ... again. 

(excuse the tag spam)

Hiya, I mostly post elsewhere but I wanted somewhere without my name on it to publicly post stories about hookups, because I'm an but also a , I guess.

I'm and afab. I'm , tending towards folks with some amount of masc but it doesn't have to be a lot. I'm single. I'm 33. I'm white. I'm pretty well-off. Bottom-leaning verse, dom-leaning switch.

Did I miss anything important?

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