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You know that post flight or fight feeling?
Yeah... I’m shaking. I have that right now.

(after a really fucking hard conversargument)


Work just started blocking


I love showing affection by sitting behind someone / with someone in my lap while I brush their hair / scratch their scalp / massage their neck.

Today I learned that I finally have hair long enough to really brush... and my wife brushed it and it felt wonderful.

Holy crap.

Not-so-sexy stuff: skin tags 

Both my wife and I get skin tags, and on occasion they get inflamed and there's no f'n way I'm going to a doctor every time that happens (say because of a workout, a seatbelt ,or other), so... in these cases...

We sit in the bathroom, sterilize toenail clippers and tweezers, and... take care of the issue ourselves.

Just did this a couple times. When done well it's a quick sharp prick and a tiny bit of blood.

Op success tonight.

Ayyy apparently Jirachi research requires three new friends. WHO WANTS TO BE NEW POKÉFRIENDS?


My memory keeps replaying for me these little moments, like… arching my back and grabbing the sheets around me during one of my peaks of pleasure, and then opening my eyes again to see him smiling at what he's doing to me. 😊 Or his voice as he cooed gentle encouragement at me. I got enough words out to ask him to keep talking, tell him I liked his voice.

I didn't realize just how much this experience was something I needed. I guess I'm sorry if you get tired of hearing about it 😅

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Watching the MRDA North American Qualifiers ( playoffs) and holy crap every gamr
is competitive and super fun as a spectator.

THIS IS WHY (one of many reasons) I LOVE MRDA.

Link to stream of my team (Chicago Bruise Brothers) game 2:

Cripes y'all I 'm still trying to catchup to :nb_crossbow: and Wenbiesday and I was terribly late on hornt and now there's this 🎾 ball shit going on I can't keep up and I don't understand.

Excuse me, dear gentlepersons of Mastodon, can you slow the rate of memevolution a bit?

This aging internet warrior is having a problem keeping up with "the kids these days".

never before in my life have i ever wanted for someone to add a tracker or ad to their website

Hello users!

I'm going to add us to the list of servers that use as a Mastodon relay. I hope it'll offer our public posts a little more visibility as well as offer us more access to other instances' posts.

This may work wonderfully ... or not. WHO KNOWS, but I do want to know over the next few weeks whether this enhances the experience, makes no difference, or makes it worse so let us ( @Duncan @viachicago1979 @memnus and me ) know!

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We are swingers, polyamorous, sex positive, nonmonogamous, and accepting of any and all relationship practices. We are consent and kink aware. We welcome people of color and extend a specific welcome to black and indigenous people. We accept all sexual orientations (LGBTQIA+ inclusive) and gender identities.

We discuss a lot of things here; podcasts, swinging, polyamory, kink, nonmonogamy, and sex-positivity, and we expect our users to respect general mastodon community standards surrounding using content warnings (CW) for politics, tough discussions, nudity, and graphic kink / bdsm. Viewer discretion is advised.

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