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The feds are in Chicago. 


The feds are coming to now. It's not like I didn't expect it after seeing Portland... but fuck. It's here.

I'm fucking terrified for my friends in the city who've already eaten teargas and rubber bullets who now have to fear being taken off the fucking streets while not even protesting. I live in the 'burbs. They can't escape.

"Classic police work"

We're having conversations on what to do next.

Hi friends,

If you'd like to join us on Friday nights for something we call Friday Night Delights, drop me a line here:

We get together on Discord, we chat about sexy stuff, fun stuff, serious stuff, and we may even thrown down a game or two.

It's chill, because honestly I am being selfish and need a few moments of chill in my life but also want to spread those moments to everyone I can.

Nothing like an almost 20mi bike ride to remind me that butt endurance is important.

Getting into this it occurs to me that I really only have two options.

1) Hunt down an IDE hard drive of sufficient storage / speed to offer a modicum of performance then hunt down a full size PC133 512MB dimm and a PC133 512MB sodimm

2) Raspberry Pi or Mini-ITX the hell out of this thing

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So I cracked open an iMac G4 yesterday. What's the goal? Who knows, it's fun! For me it's therapy! That's good enough for me!

Now that I finished The Legend of Korra can I sit in a virtual room with a few other people and just talk about it?

Like... it's brilliant how much depth and driving struggle they built into Aang and Korra and how different it was between them.

Hurray, another suspension!

:toot: suspended for red flags everywhere (just ... read their freshman political philosophy class dissertation on ~~freedom~~ in communities).

Oh shit we've finally made it!
into a mandatory force-set-as-sensitive instance.

...we don't even post that many lewds and when we do they're marked NSFW *shruggie*.


(also checking 'em out to see if we need to take any action here)

So save me the bullshit about how much y'all want DIVERSITY and SAFETY because my close to three years here have tells me the exact opposite.

Until I see folks calling out their racist friends because yall know who they are, I'm going to read it as all performative.

Until I see folks exposing the lies their favorite PROGRESSIVES are posting publicly but saying the opposite behind closed doors, I don't want to hear it.

Until I see racists/sexist afraid on the fedi, it's all bullshit.

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Oh wow... as an admin I should probably regularly review my settings. I didn't realize I'd not enabled showing domain blocks and reasoning publicly.

I've now done that.

- Is good public speaker
- detests public speaking b/c whiteknuckle nerves
- gets asked all the time to speak.
- work asks to give virtual presentation
- "Ok."

@memnus Saw you Civv'n it up earlier but I was guts deep in my system. Turns out I needed to take my motherboard out due to a loose mount (for a universal Thermaltake CPU mounting bracket) so a 15 minute video card swap ended up in a 75 minute yargh fest.

We have a game going I think right? I'm game to try continuing it some time over the next couple nights if you are.

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