I like how i just started free associating and it made me think about the Big Chill and, well there you go.

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Honestly, it's a waypoint towards a communalized life that we've all been separated from for too long.

Also, The Big Chill is lowkey a polyamorous text. watch it if you haven't. It is everything right AND wrong with the current zeitgeist. just without the name.

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it is only revolutionary as a vehicle for other ideologies. Polyamory in itself has been used coercively, and it continues to be a "target rich environment" for abusive people.

What I see happening now is the kind of upswing you see when a lot of people are in the "honeymoon phase" of a new way of thinking. This is good, but will have its letdown.

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I'm just gonna say that the Quartz polyamory article is accurate in that it makes me kind of feel weird and I want to step back from "being poly" as some kind of revolutionary act in itself. (yes, this is kind of a thread) (for ref: qz.com/1501725/polyamorous-sex)

Already quite pleased with how much 2FA I have going. Feels like 2019 is the year to get even more online, and also a little less online.


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