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I don't normally use this outlet to talk about stuff I actually am involved in but this article hits home for me. Please Stop using helium balloons. "Overall, balloons are the highest-risk debris item; 32 times more likely to result in death than ingesting hard plastic. "

Burgundy. Please, God, tell me I have not inspired something burgundy. 

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The Secret Ball 

Saying No to people 

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Revamping our website profiles. Goodness I hate this. Seriously it feels like I'm filling out some government form.


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Good Friday for a first day. That's amusing the atheist in me to no end. Who would know I went to seminary? A lifetime ago I planned on being a priest. (I'll still take your confessions but I won't offer absolution).

I got off the phone with our kid's school where the secretary was frustrated because she couldn't get through to his mother... All of the paperwork clearly says First Call Father. Not that calling her is a bad thing, just that her job has her in meetings a large percentage of the day where as I sit either in my lab or at a computer and picking up the phone is no big deal. Clearly the mother is who they needed to make sure our son could tour his new classroom though and not me...

Bleh so much sexism in the world that's driving me batty today. Everything from being looked at like I was crazy when I went to register my kid for school because I'm not the Mom to my SO being questioned what she does because someone was incredulous about her title at work.

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