Had a good community day. Was helping other people so I only picked up 9 shiny but I got this nice IV89 level 30 one so I can't complain. I wish I'd realized I had a 1/15/15 for Great League before the timer ran out. I'll hold on to it to see if we get another chance at the move set later this year.

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A new podcast is out!
OTWC 030 – Building Community – On The Wet Coast

If you’re lucky, the place where you’re living has a thriving sex -positive community and it takes little effort to find and take part in events such as meet-ups, workshops, and conventions. Most l...

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This is the week. New York bound to figure this all out and if we are going to move. After some investigation I think we want to live south of the town of Poughkeepsie. There's a town called Beacon that has good schools, and it's an hour train ride into the NYC. It's a 30 min train ride up to work. That's not bad. I keep going back and forth on this. NY will be a hell of a change from SoCal but we will see.

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I’d love to start a conversation with everyone here about something that’s been ruminating in my head for a while now, body types and the words and connotations that we place on them. What does everyone prefer when it comes to describing body types? How do the different words and categories make you FEEL? Ex: BBW, curvy, thick, spinner, etc.

Please boost and give me your thoughts if you’d like, I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts on the matter, providers and clients!


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tl;dr: Get your flu shot.

Ugh, I neglected my Flu shot last fall. I am a freaking biologist I know better than to neglect this. Work got busy and I missed my appointment... So now I'm suffering the consequences. Aches, pains, fever over 100, miserable.

Youtube has decided I really like far right politics. I mostly watch educational videos like DIY stuff. They are currently really pushing me to subscribe to various Fox News based channels and commentators. I am entirely confused. What did I do to Youtube to break its algorithm this badly? I used to write code to identify likely customers for marketing companies so something somewhere has me inundated with this stuff and I don't know what but please make it stop.

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So 9 years ago at 1am my wife and I got married. We threw this amazing crooners style New Years Eve party for all of our friends and family. After we rang in the new year I put on a tux and she put on a wedding gown and our friend who introduced us married us. So at 1 am on January 1st of 2010 we were married. Because I'm a huge nerd and it gave us a binary number as our anniversary: 1-1-10 1:00.

Returning to the west coast so I thought "Oh lets take the southern route back to avoid any snow related traffic problems." Now I'm stuck in Texas in the middle of a snow storm because highway 40 is shut down due to blizzard conditions... ftl

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We are swingers, polyamorous, sex positive, nonmonogamous, kinky, and other compatible folk! We are also consent and kink aware and LGBTQIA+ inclusive.

If you're cool with all this, you can apply to join our little community by visiting www.lifeontheswingset.com/swingsetdotsocial and acknowledging your coolness and we'll let you in!