Happy Easter! 🐇
HOP back in time to a favorited episode where we introduce “SEXTING THEATER”
We explain the link between BR-31 flavors, relationship goals & podcasting. There is even an Easter egg after the credits!
(Bad title but good show!)


New podcast episode is out! Just Keep Swinging 28 Award Winning Penis.

Thought I’d share my creativity here too. Sorry, I was pretty proud of my work & won the contest. So yeah, bragging.

SHAMELESS PLUG AHEAD...just posted new episode! What happens when you put a and a into a hot tub? ? ? -hickeys ? Playing fetch with a dog ? You will have to find out in our latest episode. JKS 27 Hot Tub Swing Machine. It’s pretty HOT! Special thx @bedhoppersUK

‪Finally! Two of my favorite things have combined! WEEZER & ELO! There is no way I’m having a bad day if I start all my days with this! youtu.be/6_aqeCDk1Yk

New episode is up! We talk about our experiences at another real Nudist Resort. We ask why swingers like them if expressing sexuality is not allowed. We also have a bi-sexual female couple from Torrid Souls podcast help us explain it.


It’s been a few years but we decided to make our favorite tamales. Jalapeño & cheese!

‪If you haven’t heard it yet, here is a CLEVER,UPDATED version of BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE by Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski - Baby It's Cold Outside (Live on The Cur... youtu.be/amK4U4pCTB8

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I touched the sky on the shortest day, before the full moon bears witness to the longest night.

We dream and dance in the light and dark, apart and together. We move forward on our paths, entwined and separate. We've got each other. The light starts coming back now.

I just noticed that in the Jim Carey’s version of the Grinch , there is a “key party” going on in whoville.

It’s Santa-Con season! Anybody else out there do their local Santa-con?

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