This guy got stuck inside my office, and I sent him to a bat rescue. Since I found him on December 26, 2012, he got a hat and a backstory!
"So, after a long night of delivering Christmas joy to all the world, it turns out that Sal the Christmas Bat had a sore leg and a small puncture wound on his wing. It is likely that he was attacked by the Grinch or possibly a cat."

Weight loss/body affirmation/objectification 

Lost about 35 pounds, got better fitting clothes.
Started noticing random women treating me differently*; friendlier, chattier, stealing glances at my crotch (which looks bigger without the belly). I don't know if I feel more confident because of this, or if it's happening because I appear more confident. Either way, this attention is a lot of fun for me.

* (they aren't being creeps, like many men do to women in similar situations)

Hi, everybody! I'm new to this instance and to Mastodon in general. I've been listening to LOTSS for years now, and this sounded like a great place to talk to people who share the same ethos. How's your day going? 😁


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