Thanks for the invite, @DylanTheThomas! I didn't want to be here if I couldn't have in my identity!
I want to join the conversation, but not where all my vanilla folks are - I thought this would be perfect... If I can get the hang of it!

I'm 38 and having the best time of my life running toward joy, and throwing out all the garbage piled on top of my authentic, kind, vulnerable, honest self.

@PhreakyPhaye You’re very welcome. :)

I’ve still got plenty of work to do to grow the community, but I’m enjoying people here so much!

@PhreakyPhaye Oh hey new member, welcome aboard! It's a quiet server as these things go, but it's home for sure.

~Bumps into another living, breathing, articulate being after grappling through the darkness alone~
Oh, thank goodness, @memnus !

I'm going to see how much I can do to build my slutty online persona on here (she's been a bit closeted...)

However, after looking down @DylanTheThomas 's posts yesterday I notice it's a lot of yelling into the void with little to no validation.
How can we exist without external validation???!!! 😭

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