I host a trip to Cancun every November and... I still have a few slots open!

While the resort is clothing optional, we are polyamorous, swingers, nudists, or people just interested in being around sexy people.

The trip is explicitly queer, and kink friendly.

If you have any interest in heading out to Mexico this November, please let me know, i'll be happy to answer any questions you might have!

You can also visit ssdesire.com for more information.

Tired and relaxing. Looking forward to traveling this weekend.


We are swingers, polyamorous, sex positive, nonmonogamous, kinky, and other compatible folk! We are also consent and kink aware and LGBTQIA+ inclusive.

If you're cool with all this, you can apply to join our little community by visiting www.lifeontheswingset.com/swingsetdotsocial and acknowledging your coolness and we'll let you in!