Thanks for the invite! Excited to have a social media outlet for swinging!

@belleandthebeared glad you’re here. :)

I think we are prepared for a “real” launch, including a podcast announcement, so here’s hoping after next week we see a lot of new sexy folk joining in the fun!

@DylanTheThomas Awesome! Hope to get a lot of great dialog going and lots of interaction with a bunch of sexy people! Been looking for a community we could assimilate into. Not easy here in Indy.

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We are swingers, polyamorous, sex positive, nonmonogamous, and accepting of any and all relationship practices. We are consent and kink aware. We welcome people of color and extend a specific welcome to black and indigenous people. We accept all sexual orientations (LGBTQIA+ inclusive) and gender identities.

We discuss a lot of things here; podcasts, swinging, polyamory, kink, nonmonogamy, and sex-positivity, and we expect our users to respect general mastodon community standards surrounding using content warnings (CW) for politics, tough discussions, nudity, and graphic kink / bdsm. Viewer discretion is advised.

If you're cool with all this, you can apply to join our little community by visiting our application page and we'll let you in!