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therapist: and what do we do when we feel sad?
me: have a bunch of anonymous sex with strangers
meme therapist: no
my actual therapist: wow that's great! how's that been going?

I feel like I stopped doing anything I wanted to write about shortly after making the account for writing about it.

Washington State will begin issuing identification with "X" in the gender field on November 12!

kind of annoying that my libido has recalibrated to "impatience because it's been almost a week" but I can't really complain because I'm still getting some

the one almost a week ago was only okay though, haha

flirting via faving peoples horny toots and hoping that they say something

sex, silly 

went in to get tested, the doc called back and said i'm sex-positive

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more post-party thoughts, bdsm, sex 

more post-party thoughts, bdsm, sex 

more post-party thoughts, bdsm 


seriously though, love to be in a space where considerate questions and thoughtful answers about not just boundaries but also desires are totally normal and expected

I actually kinda felt like I was among my people for the first time in a while

bdsm, silly 

@nfd it didn't used to be, and then I woke up one day and realized I'm an adult and can just show up at a public play party if I want to. (then I made friends with some of the people I met there.)

all that happened years ago, and I'm not in touch with most of those specific people any more. but the fundamental realization remains true and useful.

@chillnb your life sounds rather more interesting than mine in a few ways

I haven't hooked up since the breakup, although I've flirted a little. I'm feeling ... pretty rebound-y if I'm honest, which feels silly to say after a thing that only lasted a couple of months, but it's true.

going and being around cute naked queers feels like it might be good for me, and if I'm not feeling it I can always leave. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

h-uh. discovered I had an invitation to a sex party tonight that I hadn't noticed. it was auto-added to my calendar from facebook, and I was apparently invited by a cute friend I was low key crushing on before I moved away and never could quite figure out if it was mutual. (we made out a couple of times at parties but never, like, talked about it? and we haven't talked since except for accidentally running to each other one time.)

maybe I'll go to that. πŸ€”

Okay folks, I've been asked a question about managing needs and expectations in #polyamory. For future reference, as long as I have spoons and time I am always happy to answer questions for polyam folks trying to figure stuff out.

This will probably be a long thread, so hiding the rst behind a CW. Feel free to read along and share your experience/insights.

life's not perfect but sometimes I get a text out of the blue with a photo of my hot friend showing off the leather harness they just got, with a flirty caption, and you know, life's not that bad, either

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