apparently the trans-focused bathhouse party I went to a while back is happening again tonight


update, explicit af 

got a private room and am taking a break to jerk off to the sounds of the guys in the next room

having a little trouble getting enough friction with two loads already dripping out of me though

followup, still explicit 

home now, sore and tired and sated.

I didn't end up having any more sex after getting a room :P oh well

just meant the first time was in the other person's room, and the other two were right next to the hot tub where anyone who wanted could watch me getting railed ☺

followup, still explicit 

setting those up was so much fun ... I just kept ending up either fingering myself or getting fingered and watching someone else stroke themselves. in one case I spent some luxurious minutes blowing him while he sat on the edge, then kissed him and pressed my tits around his cock, then back to sucking him, until he was close and squirming and went got a condom.

I love when people take my instructions not to hold back seriously. 🤤

followup, still explicit 

with the last one, I was sitting up on the edge while he fingered me and stroked himself, until he finally stood up and started positioning himself. had a quick chat about test history that ended with him sliding into me bareback and, again, just pumping me into until he came.


followup, still explicit 

my only regret is not playing with anyone with tits tonight, but someone told me the actual cadence of this party so I am optimistic I will have more chances.

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