this joke brought to you by cleaning and organizing my sex toys

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if you don't like the way I store my dildos you can suck a bag of dicks

the downside of traveling with the express intent to be slutty in other cities is that it makes lodging more expensive 😂 no friends' couches or shared-space airbnbs

I really want to follow @somebearlove but it posts more often than the rest of my timeline put together.


I was getting all ready to be frustrated about high tolerance and stuck on only edibles (no smoke/vape) before surgery and not being able to get a good pleasant high but ...

nah I'm good

@memnus it snuck up on me but I'm grateful it's here. ready for more sunshine, and literal will do for now.

@shaw good judgment haha. I'm glad you two are on the same page about it.

lazily slutty 

my nipples are really sensitive right now, someone come play with them

About the "nonbinary crossbow" :nb_crossbow: 

@Qwyrdo thanks for this! I've seen it around but only in context where the poster assumed everyone else had already been introduced to it, so I've seen the symbol but didn't know what it meant. I like it and your reasoning a lot!

About the "nonbinary crossbow" :nb_crossbow: 

I designed the "nonbinary crossbow" :nb_crossbow: about a year ago. I'd like to explain the meanings behind each element.

First off, there are the mirror of Venus and spear of Mars--traditional symbols of female and male identities, respectively.

But the central circle is intended to represent agender identities, and the incomplete arc to represent demi- and other nonbinary identities. 1/

vague feelings, drugs 

I'm too high and too on mobile to put it into words right now but I just saw her for the last time in the foreseeable and I am feeling a lot of things right now

drugs, still still explicit 🤷‍♂️ 

@shaw only insofar as they were going to come to the party last night but had to take care of some other stuff, so we decided to do this instead, hehe

drugs, still still explicit 🤷‍♂️ 

and then because I'm greedy I invited someone over to smoke weed and go to brunch and then come back and have sex and nap and have sex some more

Adult sex toys, opinions welcome, ok to boost 

I generally don't do black Friday... But some toys I have had my eye on are discounted sooooo
For ftms that have had some lower growth and a meta
Can the poorly named womanizer
Lelo sona cruise
Or satisfyer
I'm worried the womanizer is the best option because it has interchangeable heads of various sizes.
But I want to do lelo...

Adult sex toys, opinions welcome, ok to boost 

@midi_mac I have both a womanizer (the really fancy one) and a satisfyer (the cheap one that looks like a penguin, lol). they're both fun but I find the satisfyer a much better fit, and it's better at staying where I want it. moderately better toy and MUCH better value for price.


My throat hurts. Could that be because a) I repeatedly tried to swallow a large cock without having much experience doing so, or b) I was moaning and making other very happy noises for about two hours straight? 🤔

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followup, still explicit 

my only regret is not playing with anyone with tits tonight, but someone told me the actual cadence of this party so I am optimistic I will have more chances.

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