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"I'm not sure that line would work on many girls, but it does on me"

I mean yeah, that's why I USED it on you 😂

weed, silly, friendly 

I'm fidgety and stoned and bored, what's up swingset


I've been winding myself up all afternoon telling a girl I can't have exactly what I want to do to her, while she sits a few miles away rock hard and not doing anything about it except quietly egging me on

at least we're on the same page about how good it feels to torture ourselves 😂

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relatedly someone come over and fuck me ffs

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how did I get on grindr and end up with more fwbs out of state than in

I feel like I'm doing it wrong

(don't get me wrong, I know exactly what I WANT to do with this girl)

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(her reaction to that question was totally worth it)

(I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do with this girl)

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we are comically bad at not flirting 

"I feel ridiculous about how easily you push my buttons"

"you just wanna bring out my inner flirty anime girl?"

"depends, you wanna bring out the side of me that likes pinning down brats and shutting them up?"

[poll] :boost_ok: in an ideal world, new years would occur on:


me, thinking about boys: boys,,, 😍
me, thinking about girls: girls,,, 😍
me, thinking about enbies: enbies,,, 😍

very lewd, bragging 

given how ravenously one of them was licking it out of me I'm impressed there's this much left

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very lewd, bragging 

tfw there's no way to know whose cum is dripping out of you this morning

Love means so many things and they are all important

sex, silly 

"are you still up for barebacking?"
"I have been thinking about my cum dripping out of you"

that's the kind of yes I like to hear 🤤

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sex, as kinky as you make it 

for the record this was 100% true, less because of any special talent on my part than because they were doing such a good job of clearly expressing how close they were

and what else is one to do under those circumstances than ride them along the edge until you decide you want to see them lose it, and then pick up the pace juuuust a little

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sex, as kinky as you make it 

"I'm not going to yet though. Gonna make you wait a little longer first."

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sex, as kinky as you make it 

"I love the feeling that I can make you come whenever I want."
"... I like that you know how much you're in control."

I mean, it's not hurtful. but I'd still be a lot happier if things were different.

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I'm still talking to Onion a lot. it's not doing anything to help me get over her but honestly it's mostly just nice, she's a good friend and easy to talk to.

and she's not over me either, which is a weird thing to know, although we only talk about it obliquely, out of ... propriety, I guess?

we both know what we both want, we just don't do it or talk about it directly. it's a strange feeling. not hurtful, just novel. usually if something's not happening it's because feelings aren't matched.

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