Just had my first Hollywood wax. I don't think I've had a lover stroke my bits as tenderly as that professional.

Going for a drink with a single lady this week. We've already enjoyed her company at group socials before so will be nice to hang out in a smaller group.

Being a very sensible person, he has pointed out that we won't know any of the answers until we try!

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Lifestyle considerations

Over our 3 years of exploring we've only interacted with couples and single women. This has worked really well for us. I love seeing Mr with other women and really enjoy exploring my bisexuality.

We went to an open social event and spent most of the evening chatting to a single guy. Mr says if I want to investigate this new experience he's fine with it. I'm concerned that seeing me with other men does nothing for him and he has no interest in male/male play.

After a sexy session with some friends, all I want is more!

Swinger club visit

Glad we had a night out with our friends but least sexy club we've ever visited. Highlight of the trip, naked swimming in a heated pool. Low point - some unethical non-monogamy. Glad those individuals are no longer part of our social life.

Expanding our style this weekend by attending an organised social. Now not sure how we're going to get all these new friends naked. 🤔

New to mastadon, absolutely no clue how it works. 😆


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