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Ahoy, New folks on Time for an post!

I'm Lilian, your local Mastodon old-timer and part of the mod team! I'm a thirty-something blue-haired transfeminine queer, living in the Seattle area. I'm an oversaturated solo polyamorous slut, casually kinky, trying to take care of myself and my chosen family. I dabble in all kinds of crafts, always looking for a new way to make useful and beautiful things.

WTF gaming ad, caps for emphasis, kink adjacent?? 

I was just served an ad that started with a damsel-in-distress on a St. Andrews Cross, the view then ZOOMED IN ON HER CROTCH while rotating and fading to the game board. Are we supposed to infer that the entire game is played on her mons pubis???

Remember to block ads, kids.

Gonna tell my middle-school self that "Wow, that's gay" is basically the highest compliment I can give


How do I have no dessert-class food in this house??

Okay technically I lied and it's not a selfie, @midi_mac was on the camera

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Photo of the Tooter as a Romance Novel Author (selfie no ec)

Jokepost: a podcast by three people who share a sweetie 

My Meta My Meta And Me

Self esteem of a slut 

Maybe it's the validation of flirting with a handful of cuties on Lex, but I am absolutely *feeling myself* this week. My body is awesome and meant for sharing.

So how does running Signal on multiple devices work? So far I've been using it just on my phone, but I'm chatting with more and more people there, so having it on computers with bigger keyboards could be good. Does it send every message to all devices, or most recently used, or?

I got to say hi to a bodega cat today

Then it started raining and she ran back inside

Wheels down in Newark. Still not New York but it is an expected stop on the way.

Turns out when you land a 737 with three quarters of a tank of fuel, the maintenance crew has Concerns

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Trying to get to New York, but I seem to be stuck in Billings. Not sure how long before the plane can try again.

Yelling at mobile game ads 

I'm noticing this trend in ads for puzzle games where they present a puzzle that's literally impossible. In what fucking world would I want to play a game that *advertising* itself as setting me up for failure??

Shit I say when crafting 

"Ah, capillary action, my old nemesis."

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Shit I say when crafting 

"You gonna be a good rupture muffin for me?"

Joke post, meta adjacent 

Sitting next to my sweetie's sweetie

Shitpost: a mystery novel about violence at sound design summer camp 

Hello Murder, Hello Fader


Did I contribute two bottles to this tasting? Now listen here

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Alcohol, national stereotype 

@midi_mac and I were invited to a whisk[e]y tasting and then the Scotsman was asked to pour and I have not been this drunk in a *long* time

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