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Ahoy, New folks on Time for an post!

I'm Lilian, your local Mastodon old-timer and part of the mod team! I'm a thirty-something blue-haired transfeminine queer, living in the Seattle area. I'm an oversaturated solo polyamorous slut, casually kinky, trying to take care of myself and my chosen family. I dabble in all kinds of crafts, always looking for a new way to make useful and beautiful things.

Still not used to the idea that I'm living in the future - fifteen hours ahead, so "today" for me is usually "tomorrow" for everyone I love.

I'm going to need to get or improvise blocking mats, aren't I.


Done with section A!

There are nine sections, and this is a top down shawl, so they're only getting bigger.

It's not lewd, it's knitting 

Got 1200 yds of fingering-weight merino and fifty hours of flights coming up ... time to look for a good lace shawl pattern?

I will be skipping Saturday entirely this weekend.

No, really, once the sun goes down tonight, the next time I see daylight will be Sunday morning.

Can I just go home and be smol all afternoon?

Alcohol, siezing the meads of production 

Also I stepped over a minor boundary earlier so I get to spiral around that one for a while

Stress cycle 

Washington State will begin issuing identification with "X" in the gender field on November 12!

I just tried to type in a bug number at work and my brain helpfully coughed up my old ICQ number instead

What the *fuck*?

I just want to pay someone to turn my garage from a disaster zone to a clean and organized shop. I cannot for the life of me find anyone who accepts money to provide this service.

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