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Ahoy, New folks on Time for an post!

I'm Lilian, your local Mastodon old-timer and part of the mod team! I'm a thirty-something blue-haired transfeminine queer, living in the Seattle area. I'm an oversaturated solo polyamorous slut, casually kinky, trying to take care of myself and my chosen family. I dabble in all kinds of crafts, always looking for a new way to make useful and beautiful things.

Internet feels quiet tonight. Not a bad thing.


Trains are amazingly inefficient and satisfying. I drove one into a cave!

Reference to literary murder 

Just mortared four blocks to keep the steps between here and next door in place, so I'm ready. If someone could let Fortunado know I have a gift for him that'd be great

Odd work swag 

Not sure what this implies for our new bug handling protocols


The official wiki has informed me this isn't possible 😭

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Hoping against hope that the color gun works on freight cars so I can make trains pride flags

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84 hours in and I have sent the final (as of this early access build) space elevator package, found the northeast corner of the world (I started somewhere northwest of center), and will soon be starting to build TRAINS.


Bees are immune to dynamite. Why are bees immune to dynamite?


Next up: motors

(Oh and I guess I also spent like six hours today just refactoring my setup into something that'll be easier to scale and will continue to make sense as I do so, but it's funnier to think that I spent all that time unlocking an extremely basic feature.)

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34 hours in and I have unlocked the Map.

Lewd silly 

Who tops the topsmen?


I'm sure the way you're supposed to collect far-off resources is by building a truck depot at your base, running a truck out to the remote site, collecting things, coming back, recording the route and looping it, etc etc

But fuck it, I have functionally infinite amounts of concrete, I'm building a kilometer-long skybridge


I got caterium hooked up! It was actually closer than the coal. Next step is quartz.

I won that game of yarn chicken. Blocking is gonna be an enormous pain. (eye contact)

Satisfactory shitpost 

At first I was careful with my placement of the building that turn ore into ingots, now I'm just throwing them out there helter-smelter

Satisfactory, swearing 

The bullshit I just had to pull to get coal down from the top of a fucking mountain...


It begins.

It amuses me that building a space elevator is one of the *first* milestones, and it's apparently constructed from plain iron and set on a concrete base, with a copper cable.

Cursed earworm 

peanut butter booty call

Not uspol 

Untitled Goose Game released on Steam, so there is no debate, only honk.

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