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Ahoy, New folks on Time for an post!

I'm Lilian, your local Mastodon old-timer and part of the mod team! I'm a thirty-something blue-haired transfeminine queer, living in the Seattle area. I'm an oversaturated solo polyamorous slut, casually kinky, trying to take care of myself and my chosen family. I dabble in all kinds of crafts, always looking for a new way to make useful and beautiful things.

Dream log moments 

Gathering in the mess hall, having been conscripted in some kind of army.

Starting a multi-player Civ game, realizing the third player wasn't even at a computer.

Taking a crowded elevator to a doctor's office.

Taking a bus to Tenacious Unicorn Ranch.

Support asked for a video of what happens if I plug the charger back into the wall. The charger decided to oblige by smoking a little more, almost instantly.

They're shipping me a new charger.

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Got a new battery and charger for my ebike. Plugged it in, and the magic smoke came out.

Brand new, too.

Craft brain: hey remember how cloth lined boxes were too hard
Me: uh-huh
CB: so I've got this great idea
Me: uh
CB: let's try leather this time
Me: what

She-ra s5 minor spoiler 

Short-haired Catra is definitely a thing, huh?

Joking about war crimes but it's just food 

Pretty sure my lunch violates the Geneva Conventions if I throw it at someone

Deeply cursed 

The battery they sold me was the wrong size. The right size battery is proprietary to Toyota.

The battery for my housemate's car was defective and needed replacing.

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Deeply cursed 

- Need to run errands
- Car battery is dead
- Borrow car
- Finish first errand
- Battery on borrowed car is also dead

Okay, know what? I'll bid for . It just hit $25K, and I really feel like it should keep going, so at $27.5K I'll show off some of my favorite undies ;-) (redrafted for the link)

Kill your heroes 

Fuck, the Wintergatan guy is a Tesla fanboy. Heartbreaking.

That was so fun! A little under two hours for a 230-piece, age 7+ set, so not a thing to be undertaken lightly, but a really good test of technical communication skills and compatibility.

(rderafted for visibility)

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Open question, is it too much information if I'm in chat?


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