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Ahoy, New folks on Time for an post!

I'm Lilian, your local Mastodon old-timer and part of the mod team! I'm a thirty-something blue-haired transfeminine queer, living in the Seattle area. I'm an oversaturated solo polyamorous slut, casually kinky, trying to take care of myself and my chosen family. I dabble in all kinds of crafts, always looking for a new way to make useful and beautiful things.

Out of context 

As if today, I have lived at House of Seven Stairs for five years. What a five years it's been.

Rewatching Rogue One and welp this one is still a doozy.

One of these two is snoring and my heart can't take this


Food, earworm 


Meds mention 

Dream journal (firearms mention) 


Desert Bus 

Desert Bus, pol, - 

A moon like tonight's really deserves an awoo

It's happening! Donations of any integer multiple of $10.04 for the next hour.

Tonight!! Deck boxes going up for giveaway on Desert Bus!
(Better image gallery including progress:
Bonus for my trans peeps: If you enter for this giveaway, let me know; I'll be doing a drawing of my own for a FULLY CUSTOM box.

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