Looking up ways to disable NFC on my credit card, and the main advice seems to be "don't bother, that's not the attack that people are using"

Look, I'm not worried about charges that I can cancel, I want to kill it because it's interfering with my ORCA card

@memnus the workaround i use is to just keep my orca card with my wagemage id card on a belt lanyard thing

@KitRedgrave having it in my wallet is a required feature here, at least for now. I've considered moving it to my phone case but that also doesn't feel right.

@KitRedgrave @memnus Mine is a foldout wallet with the two at opposite ends.

I use NFC to pay all the time though so wouldn't want to disable it.

@memnus Pop in in front of a bright enough light, then drill through the antenna lead?

I never tried that, although I admit I was tempted back when I had one of the clear AmEx cards with NFC.

@drifa I'll at least see if I have a bright enough light to get a look inside.

@June would the contact chip and mag stripe survive that?

Contact chip nah, magstripe prolly

@June Hm, I'd prefer the chip survive so I can use it outside the US. I don't remember how I lucked into getting chip and PIN set up but I'm glad I did


Not a way to disable the NFC on the card but have you considered getting an NFC blocking sleeve?

Idk if that would also interfere with the ORCA card though :/

@memnus I'd love a wallet with half of the card slots shielded and half not to solve this problem. It's so infuriating.

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