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Food and drug adminisyration 

Installing an internet-connected crane in my garage and calling it localhoist

Oh hey, polyamorous furry representation on the latest Ask Me Another.

Pretty sure a 737 MAX just flew over Fremont on a test flight. Lower and on a different flight path than I'm used to seeing airliners from here, and not branded for any airline.

Clothing grabbyhands 

Seattle pol adjacent 

Food, weed impl 

Star Wars, not spoilery 

Holiday disinformation shitpost, some caps 

Welp both of my computers have now BSoD'd within an hour or two of each other. Coincidence?


Watching a show including someone who's since transitioned and cringing first each time they're named/gendered and a second time each time I realize I've forgotten their new name

Out of context 

As if today, I have lived at House of Seven Stairs for five years. What a five years it's been.

Rewatching Rogue One and welp this one is still a doozy.

One of these two is snoring and my heart can't take this

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