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Bitter at capitalism 

(I realize the irony of complaining about this as someone who has a Rebel Alliance tattoo)

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Bitter at capitalism 

Happy free advertising for Disney day

Satisfactory silliness 

What kind of engine is in these trucks, that they can run interchangeably on biofuel pellets, coal, gasoline (canister and all), lead-acid batteries, or radioactive fuel rods?

Work adjacent, + 

A year or so ago I was complaining that I would occasionally hear my deadname in meetings, even if it wasn't directed at me. I just realized today that the person it was directed at is, in fact, no longer using that name.


Today's "oh right I'm surrounded by tech bros" moment was seeing someone wearing an "I ❤️ DRM" shirt

Seattle pol, transit, eat the rich

Coast guard says that if we want a light rail bridge to Ballard, it needs 205 foot clearance to accommodate superyachts. For comparison, that's 70 feet higher than the Aurora bridge, and nearly as high as the Golden Gate.

Satisfactory shitpost but true 

Laying out my world as a bunch of small buildings on a rail system. Components will delivered independently, by single locomotive / single freight car pairs.

The whole thing will be supported by micro trains actions.


More like satisYAKtory am I right gaymers??

Shout-out to the Gen-X cis woman in the knitting group at work who wore her "protect trans kids" shirt today and promised to wear it to a youth robotics competition in Houston next month.

This is a reminder that I will only be observing April Sincerity Day tomorrow.

Dating app lol 

"Looking for someone who believes in absolute free speech and isn't racist"

I'm getting mixed messages here, do you want racism or don't you?

I always wonder which mufos open which categories of cw...

Foolish of me to think I could just replace my motherboard with no hiccups.


Downside of making a tractor-based economy: finding all the wonky geometry in an early-release game

Upside: party road

(I am not playing Elden Ring; FromSoft games are not an experience I would be anything but frustrated by, but I am watching the PlayFrame run of it)

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Elden Ring lewd? 

"Request audience with the Two Fingers, in the inner chamber."

Really? That's how this is going? Okay then.

I learned how to make drawstring bags! You can't tell from the picture, but they've even got a cool silk lining.

Current level of internet poisoning: reflexively yelling "plz no squishy" at the 300 pounds of plywood that threatened to fall over on me

(they listened and I was not squishied)

Corporate PR fluff 

A few trans Amazon employees, including a meta of mine, in an ~inspirational~ International Women's Day video

Leave it to Big Corp PR to include a trans guy in such a piece :blobfacepalm:

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