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*discovers trans artists playlist on Spotify and proceeds to have all the feels*

My doggo played tug with another dog for the first time today and I'm ridiculously excited about it!

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I want to go home and bury myself under my animals and sleeeep.

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So much grump this morning. It's too loud, bright, moving, and awake and I hate it.

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People who think that there would be no scientists or "innovation" without capitalism seem to be living in some imaginary world where scientists get paid a lot. People become scientists *despite* capitalism. Capitalism tries to sabotage science at every turn.

Why does the laptop I want to get have awful wifi problems reported on all the sites!?
I want this to be easier!

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Sigh. That extension that lets you tag social media profiles as trans-friendly so they appear as a different color in your browser to you is 95% assuredly a data mining operation.

Please don't use it. If you do, don't tag me in it.

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"You don’t fix burnout by going on vacation. You don’t fix it through “life hacks,” like inbox zero, or by using a meditation app for five minutes in the morning, or doing Sunday meal prep for the entire family, or starting a bullet journal. You don’t fix it by reading a book on how to “unfu*k yourself.” You don’t fix it with vacation, or an adult coloring book, or “anxiety baking,” or the Pomodoro Technique, or overnight fucking oats."

My girlfriend has a working hot tub again and this one is *brand new* and I am going to have a hard time adulting and not just living in it and omigosh it's just so good :blobaww:

I have seen so many queer cuties at my work today. Um hi! How do I meet you?

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