So how does one become a project manager? I've had four people this week tell me unsolicited that I'd be good at it....

So something I've been hearing about for the past 10 years or so is folks having electrical sensitivities. Like wifi giving them headaches, or ac current disrupting sleep. At the tiny house build we were outfitting the loft sleeping space with DC...
Years ago I found this super weird and unlikely, but it's gaining traction and I don't know what to think. Does anyone have experience or resources regarding this?

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US Citizen?

Take a moment to protest the monstrous rule stripping away protections from our transgender friends. Protections that prevent them being denied medical care when dying of injuries.

This is important.

Maybe I can only handle so much change at a time. I just want it to be legal and maybe just mail everyone in the area asking if they want extra income by letting me hook up in their backyard. Maybe I'd get a bite that'd be mutually beneficial.

I think I'd love my tiny house, a small commuter car, and a stealth camper van for excursions that this theoretical life would allow.

I really miss that house and while others seem cool it isn't that one.

Sigh, I miss that tiny house I almost got. I keep on thinking about texting the owner to see if it's still available, but I feel like that would be cruel. While I technically do have a place to put it, it's on the other end of town. Part of me wonders if I'm really committed if I'm not willing to move across town for. Especially when it's explicitly *mobile*. I could move it if I ever found another place. I've just really set up my life to be where I am, and downsizing that much is a huge change

I love volunteering in queer homelessness advocacy, but geeze sometimes personalities are a lot to handle.

I did I really good job today in aerials. I apparently did really well at my first try at windmills and it's awesome. Especially because I hear stories about multi year challenges perfecting them. I want to incorporate it into a performance in November... Who knows maybe I'll be able to!

I'm bad at making decisions...
Do I go to the tiny house Festival and camp there while being taught by my heroes for a ton of money? Or pay significantly less, stay in a hotel, but not build or be taught by my tiny house heroes?

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Wanderlust has hit hard. I wish I had a job i could do remotely so I could just travel in a camper van with the animals.

So many things that I'm passionate about that I wish I was doing with my life, but I'm not.
Capitalism is maddening sometimes.

Today is an uber/lyft strike. Don't cross the picket lines.

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Sopoco 19 live toots 

Sopoco 19 live toots 

Sopoco 19 live toots 

Sopoco 19 live toots 

Sopoco 19 live toots 

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