Homeowner advice requested, Boosts okay 

Is there anyone I can talk to regarding tankless water heaters for houses? I was thinking of going electric, but the plumber I met said that could be more expensive than I anticipate.

Anybody have experience/input?


Got high, took off my pants, got a seltzer water, and then couldn't find my phone. I thought I took it out of my pocket of said discarded pants. I did not.

New Hobby?
Being unable to sleep and purchasing feminist e books not from Amazon at 2 am...

Recommendations needed!
Audio playing software where I can point it to an external hard-drive and it can play many varieties of music file (.flac, etc).
Bonus points for tagging abilities and being able to play preferably full albums in random order, but random tracks okay, without the need to build playlists.
I have a windows machine right now!
Feel free to boost!


I can't imagine what its like being a senior in high school, or being at the end of your formal schooling out in the world right now.

The people in the unit above me are apparently building a new house in their apartment based on the hammering, sounds of tools, and screws/nails I can hear rolling around on the floor.
This is not a great wfh environment.

Netflix binges 

Today I finished binge watching kipo and the wonderbeasts, and I binged all of i am not ok with this (and then borrowed the comic it's based on in hoopla and read all of that too). Both ended in cliffhangers and I hope I get to see where they're going.
Also yay queer characters and characters of color. I would recommend them both!


And delicious ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ™Œ

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This just in, girlfriend's butt is still amazing

Lewdish kink 

Doing difficult things at work and so my brain is preoccupied with thinking about a recent play partner making me lick her boots :-3


Auto repair 

Not going to lie I felt butch as fuck out with my headlamp on replacing those bulbs...
But now it's 1 am and I have to find a mechanic first thing in the morning.

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Auto repair 

I got an oil change today from a jiffy lube. After class I went and got in my car and as it was then dark went to flip on my lights. Nothing...
Checked online and everything I found said that doesn't happen, chances are one light went out and I didn't notice and now the other. My highbeams still worked so I went and got replacement bulbs. Post replacement, tried again and still no luck. I have a number of small electrical problems with my car and I guess it's time to investigate.

Hey folks who have done darning before... What do you use as the thread stuff? Is that floss? Something else?

Ah yes, nothing like relaxing in bed and being able to hear your dog in her kennel destroying one of her beds. We basically go through a new bed every 2 to 3 months, with me desperately patching them until they're shredded to bits. Weeeee!

Pets mh 

Ah yes that part of a very emotional day where my two cats, dog, and myself are super snuggled up on the couch. I'm crying about my little fuzzy family and how I am working hard to support them all and thanking them for being such great supports for me. I wish I had more time with them. I hope I'm providing a good life for them. I'm thankful for the time we get together.
I should be asleep but I just am not done a snuggling them yet.

Lewd kink 

I had an incredible amount of impact play from a play date on Friday and I've been so horny non-stop since.
I just caught myself thinking, "huh I wonder why I've been so worked up lately."
It's obvious and I know why, but sometimes my morning brain is not the wisest.
Now other question, is crush on person, what she does to me, or both?
Can I just serve her at her feet??


Toppy people, from a subby bottom boy, thank you for exising. I couldn't do what you do and unff it is so good.

Mass shooting, drugs, homelessness, mh 

Someone in my trapeze class was sitting by the window of a Cafe where one of the shootings took place today. She made it to class, which is not something that I'd be able to do.

Don't let the fear and dangers out there allow you to make victims of the vulnerable. Take care of yourself and hug your loved ones, and don't allow them to twist the story to cause more harm.

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Mass shooting, drugs, homelessness, mh 

Quote continued:

"Fun fact: I was an untreated mentally ill meth addict for quite a long time and I didn't shoot anybody. So stop all that shit when you see that kind of rhetoric. It's simplistic and amoral. Full stop."

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