@DylanTheThomas I think Twitch randomly suggested I watch the derby that @ToniaThomas's at? Men's derby seems different than the women's derby that I've been to in the past?

@ryan_jandr1013 @ToniaThomas YES.

Think of it as MRDA derby, the men’s moniker is a legacy name we haven’t quite dealt with.

WFTDA = Women’s Flat Track Derby Association
No men allowed, all women and nb/gq persons and persons transitioning to women who aren’t ... lets say presenting as male/masculine are welcome

MRDA = Men’a Roller Derby Association
NDP “...does not set a minimum requirement of masculinity to play MRDA roller derby” means all gender / gender identities welcome.

@DylanTheThomas @ToniaThomas I realized that part way through. But MRDA seems more defensive/physical than WFTDA matches that I've been to. Am I imagining that?

@ryan_jandr1013 @ToniaThomas OH:

physical definitely. but this is what high level play across the board looks like. Again, not universal, but suffocating defense is definitely popular.

think Am. Football trends towards more stifling defense instead of flashy 49ers of the 90s style flashy offense.

@ryan_jandr1013 @ToniaThomas biggest reason MRDA play is different than WFTDA play is men (who have traditionally been supported in contact and athletic sports more than women) start out with a default higher level of impact surrounding athleticism. While that isn’t universal it does mean that play automatically had harder hitting and more “bursts of energy”.

Higher level WFTDA play has this in spades (so fucking good) but as an average, MRDA play is more athletic and energetic.

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