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Here be some words about movies. 

If you are into rediculousness and Nicholas Cage, I highly recommend Mandy. Not for the squeamish though.

I've been going through Michael Mann movies I apparently slept on. Thief has some great Caan acting while Collateral is pretty good all around. Even though I have trouble with Tom Cruise as a person, acting wise he's pretty great.

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why do we stigmatize people, usually men, for having fleshlights or body pillows or such things. Isn't it much better that they have inanimate objects to treat like objects then folks trying to treat people like objects?

It seems ideal that folks who want something one sided like that are do so in such a fashion.

Boost if you said the words, but maybe you didn't say _every single little tiny syllable_, but you basically said them... and now you want back, like in the deal. 

Updoot if they will never get the Necronomicon, and you will feast upon their souls.

Boost if you've typed your toot four times and have just given up on that awesome idea that you had that, well, now that you think of it might not have been as good as it was.

Also if you don't know how to use the content warning area in your app. 

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Anyone want to clue me in on the federated outrage right now? Seems like I'm missing something.

Should be interesting to see the adoption rate of Mastadon. Due to the tech hurdles, might not catch on... Which really isn't a bad thing, seeing as the tech hump seems to keep the riffraff out for a bit.


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